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Articles about Lead Generation


Residential | May 2019 
Ease the Uphill Battle of Today’s Mortgage Market
It has so far proven to be a tough year for the mortgage industry. Between margin compression, fierce competition, high operating expenses, compliance requirements, regulatory challenges and...
By Dale Vermillion, president, Mortgage Champions

Residential | May 2019 
The Power of Sharing
Most of us dip into social media at least once a day. Some of us are in and out of it all day long. And we are often in it for different reasons.  Typically, mortgage originators read, write and share...
By Niki Nevarez, regional vice president of operations, Mountain West Financial

Residential | April 2019 
Seal the Deal by Knowing Who Calls the Shots
The scariest thing a car salesperson can see, according to the old saw, is a man wandering the lot by himself wearing a wedding ring. Can a deal be done then and there? Or is the real decisionmaker si...
By Michael Sunnaa, production manager for neighborhood lending, Wallick & Volk

Residential | April 2019 
Pinpoint the Best Prospects
Let’s face reality: It’s hard to predict homebuying trends right now. Higher interest rates are keeping many prospective homebuyers, both first-time and existing, from entering the market. In fa...
By Tyler Sawyer, vice president and general manager of the rental, real estate, and property data and analytics business, Equifax

Residential | April 2019 
The Best Match Delivers Results
If you’ve ever worked any kind of sales job — as a loan originator or otherwise — you know the frustration that happens after spending hours with a customer, only for them to walk out without buying a...
By Ethan Ewing, co-founder, ProPair

Residential | April 2019 
The Wealthy Use This Loan to Thrive
The reasons, in many cases, were more aspirational than needs-based: Buy an investment property or a vacation home. Provide children with an early inheritance. Create a college fund for grandchi...
By Jesse Allen, executive vice president of alternative distribution, AAG

Residential | April 2019 
Cooperate and Flourish
The current U.S. economic environment and the mortgage-industry market contradict each other in many ways. On the one hand, mortgage rates are still below 5 percent, housing values are sky-high, mortg...
By Mike Querrey, national sales manager, Castle & Cooke Mortgage

Residential | April 2019 
Look Beyond the Home’s Worth
Zillow burst onto the scene about 14 years ago with a way for both buyers and sellers to instantly get an estimate on a home’s value. Their computer model, drawing heavily on nearby sales and other da...
By Richard Lombardi, chief operating officer, Attom Data Solutions

Residential | March 2019 
The Real End of the Rainbow
It’s hard work to convert leads into paying clients. It would be a waste to subsequently watch competitors realize the full lifetime value of your borrowers.  But therein lies an opportunity for...
By Mike Eshelman, head of consumer finance, Jornaya; and Scott Payne, vice president of enterprise sales and client management, Home Captain

Residential | March 2019 
Fringe Borrowers Deserve Another Look
Key Points An ocean of potential borrowers awaits ...
By Michael Sunnaa, production manager for neighborhood lending, Wallick & Volk

Residential | March 2019 
Clients for Life Await
Every client has the potential of becoming a million-dollar sale. Once you realize the value of each borrower, you can begin to implement a system so you don’t lose them to the competition without eve...
By Kirk King, president, Continuity Programs Inc.

Residential | February 2019 
Digital Reach Cuts Costs and Attracts Borrowers
In a host of industries, the promise of digital marketing and commerce, particularly through mobile channels, has exceeded the hype with consumers using digital channels to research and purchase every...
By Jennifer Henry, vice president and vertical marketing leader, Equifax Mortgage Services

Residential | February 2019 
Be Bold to Capture Untapped Leads
The mortgage business must overcome challenges that many other industries do not confront. Chief among them is building a base of loyal, repeat customers in an increasingly competitive market. T...
By Brandon Schnitzer, finance industry general manager, Natural Intelligence

Residential | January 2019 
A Bridge to Somewhere
Think of success as something over there, across a fast-moving river. That success could be more closings, more pre-qualifications, more leads, more deals, but it is unattainable because the water pre...
By Carl White, branch manager, Success Mortgage Partners

Residential | January 2019 
These Habits Can Help Beat a Mortgage-Industry Lull
If you have been in the mortgage industry for any length of time, you know the industry weathers ups and downs. The only way to get through those down periods is to develop and maintain a set of daily...
By Nathan Rufty, mortgage coach and trainer, Mortgage Marketing Pros


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