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Articles about Legal Matters


Residential | April 2013 
Dig Deep to Uncover Fraud
Like chameleons changing colors to elude their predators, practitioners of mortgage fraud constantly shift strategies to adapt to the latest housing-market conditions. The good news, however, is that ...
By John Stoppler, vice president, investigations and appeals, United Guaranty Corp

Residential | March 2013 
Is There a Wolf at Your Closing Table?
Across the industry, mortgage bankers have done a good job seeking out and incorporating new risk-management processes and technology to help uncover and deter mortgage fraud. Bankers often even colla...
By Regina Lowrie, president, Vision Mortgage Capital

Residential | March 2013 
Protect Your Niche Against Fraud
For mortgage brokers and originators, specializing in a niche market can entail working with any number of loan types, from reverse mortgages to home-equity loans and short sales. These markets can be...
By Don Effertz, vice president of fraud risk management, DataVerify

Residential | February 2013 
Be on Guard Against Fraud
Every year, mortgage fraud costs a lot of people a lot of money. It costs the mortgage lenders and originators who have to buy back loans. It costs the borrowers who must pay for increased expenses pa...
By Gary Opper, managing member, Levie-Opper LLC

Residential | February 2013 
Are Your Clients Getting a Fair Credit Report?
This past January, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) began to supervise the larger consumer-debt-collection agencies. This supervision is meant to ensure the fair treatment of consumers ...
By Elizabeth Karwowski, founder, Get Credit Healthy Inc.

Residential | February 2013 
Add a Little Zest to Your Pot of Products
In the current economic climate, an increasing number of mortgage bankers are looking into government-backed loans as a way to expand the breadth of their products and increase their market share. Con...
By Julie Flatland, vice president of credit, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC

Residential | January 2013 
Will Your Loans Withstand Forensic Due Diligence?
Over the past several years, the mortgage meltdown has given rise to a new risk-management landscape. Mortgage quality control that historically has taken place in specially designated operations cent...
By Cindi Dixon, CEO, Mela Capital Group

Residential | November 2012 
Grow Business by Retaining Servicing Rights
In the past 20 years, it has become increasingly unusual for mortgage bankers and lenders to service the loans that they originate. Instead, large servicers have enabled originators to sell their mort...
By Jim McDonald, founder, McDonald Computer Corp.


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