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Articles about Licensing


Residential | July 2016 
Get Ready to Make the Grade
Whether you are new to the mortgage industry or have years of origination experience, the prospect of taking a national licensing exam can be daunting. The stats speak for themselves, as less than two...
By Rich Leffler, director of training/senior instructor, AxSellerated Development

Residential | October 2005 
Legislating Licenses
Over the past several years, mortgage professionals have been faced with a new and changing regulatory environment, particularly in light of the national effort to eradicate the fraudulent lending p...
By Sentell F. Barnes, director of governmental affairs, TrainingPro

Residential | March 2005 
Getting Licensed Gets Harder: How to Prepare for State Originator Exams
The licensing environment for residential-mortgage-loan originators is shifting back from its specialized focus to the basics of the mortgage industry as a whole. To conduct business, many originat...
By Christopher Cruise, senior national trainer,; and Christopher D. Nickerson, chief executive officer, TrainingPro

Residential | December 2006 
L.O. Licensing: The Lowdown
In recent years, more states have implemented loan-officer-licensing legislation in an effort to protect borrowers from abuse by predatory lenders and officers. Although only three states required ...
By Herbert H. Thomas, president, Thomas Law Firm PC

Residential | September 2007 
Hello, L.O. Licensing
If you don’t know the latest on loan-officer-licensing laws in your state, listen up. Everyone from state legislators and enforcement agencies to anti-predatory-lending groups, mortgage b...
By Herbert H. Thomas, president, Thomas Law Firm PC

Residential | July 2007 
Steps Toward National Licensing
In just four years, the number of states with legislation for licensing loan officers (LOs) has increased from three to 33. Plus, seven more states have introduced and are considering implementing ...
By Herbert H. Thomas, president, Thomas Law Firm PC

Residential | April 2007 
Driving the License
The conversation about licensing is louder and more prevalent by the day among mortgage professionals. We know that if the mortgage industry doesn’t address the issue proactively, our state and fede...
By Adam Stein, CEO,

Residential | November 2009 
From the Editor
The focus of this month's Scotsman Guide is legislation. And even for the least-cynical among us, it seems recent verdicts passed down from high that impact the mortgage industry fall into three ca...
By Tony Stasiek, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Residential | October 2009 
Navigating in Reverse
The changing regulatory environment touches almost every aspect of the mortgage industry. Reverse mortgages are no exception. Brokers looking to develop a reverse-mortgage niche must und...
By Jim Milano, member, Weiner Brodsky Sidman Kider PC

Residential | August 2009 
Catching Up with New Licensing Rules
To stay in business in today's lending environment, mortgage brokers must meet new state- licensing or -registration requirements. As a part of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 200...
By George H. Marentis, president and CEO, Mortgage Compliance Consultants LLC

Residential | June 2009 
Understanding the Industry's Gray Areas
When I started dealing  with licensing, compliance and other legal issues in the mortgage industry, I often would hear, "Well that's a gray area, so we can go ahead and do it." Like many profession...
By Steven Sheasby, owner and president, Integrity Mortgage Licensing

Residential | January 2009 
Know What’s Needed to Cross State Lines
When searching for ways  to grow their businesses, mortgage brokers often look to work in more than one state. Many may not realize, however, that there are numerous factors involved in this decision ...
By Steven Sheasby, owner and president, Integrity Mortgage Licensing

Commercial | October 2013 
Show Your Clients the Money
Cash is what powers any business. Without cash, businesses can’t be functional and will run risks ranging from lawsuits to tax liens to dissolution. Because almost all lending sources have tightene...
By David Kocharhook, vice president of sales, 1st PMF Bancorp

Residential | August 2013 
The Bead on Lead Generators
Purchasing leads has become an integral part of the mortgage business in the past 15 years. Advances in technology have opened the door to new ways of reaching potential borrowers, and there are now a...
By Jonathan Pinard, president, First National Compliance Solutions Inc.; and Bonnie Nachamie, chief executive officer, First National Compliance Solutions Inc.

Residential | September 2012 
Chalking Up a Plan for Continuing Education
In today’s mortgage industry, staying abreast of changing regulations and shifting markets is critical. And although continuing education is an important component of any originator’s success, it’s al...
By Alice Alvey, president, Mortgage U Inc.


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