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Articles about LOS


Residential | April 2018 
Leverage Modularity in Digital Lending
Each year, the mortgage industry comes ever closer to the fabled digital paperless mortgage. The desire for a fully digital-mortgage process is driven by the recognition that eliminating paper and red...
By Linn Cook, director of sales and marketing, LendingQB

Residential | October 2017 
Overlook Experience at Your Own Peril
Imagine you or a loved one needed open-heart surgery and were considering two surgeons. Both have excellent training and technical skills, but only one has experience performing the ...
By Lionel Urban, president and CEO,

Residential | October 2017 
Are You on the Right Path?
Recruiting within the mortgage industry is staring down a future with two possible paths. One path has stagnant loan officer positions left open in favor of positions in other, more modern professions...
By Dustin Sheppard, CEO, Special Agent X

Residential | July 2017 
Lock in the MISMO Advantage
Author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, refused to form any theories or draw any conclusions about a case until he had sufficient data. Without the data, anything ...
By Susan Graham, president and chief operating officer, Financial Industry Computer Systems Inc.

Residential | May 2017 
Designing With Intention
When architects design a building, they try to balance the aesthetic appeal of the design with the purpose and function that makes the building useful. To accomplish this, architects design buildings ...
By Linn Cook, director of sales and marketing, LendingQB

Residential | April 2017 
Online Lending Is the Future
Whether you like it or not, almost everything today is about doing it faster, better, slicker. Even Olympians keep shattering records. You thought Carl Lewis was phenomenal. Enter Usain Bolt. T...
By Lionel Urban, president and CEO,

Residential | April 2017 
Collaboration Requires a Heavy Lift
It’s transition time in Washington as the change in leadership in the nation’s capital brings the potential for changes in regulations, particularly as they relate to housing finance. Republican...
By Paul Clifford, president, Simplifile

Residential | March 2017 
The Case for Underwriting Technology
The TRID consumer-disclosure rules have been in effect for more than a year and no longer dominate industry headlines. Still, the effect that TRID has had on loan-production costs and time to close co...
By Greg Marek, chief marketing officer, Capsilon Corp.

Residential | October 2016 
Will A Machine Replace You?
As innovators rapidly enter the mortgage industry, there is a question that lingers in the minds of many originators, processors and underwriters: “Will a machine replace me?” Many of the Silicon Vall...
By John Paasonen, CEO and founder, Maxwell

Residential | October 2016 
Blast Off With Technology
To be competitive in today’s mortgage world, great technology is no longer a “nice-to-have” luxury, but rather an essential requirement for supporting both long-standing clients and younger, millennia...
By George Reichert, chief information officer, Genworth Mortgage Insurance

Residential | October 2016 
Simplifying Technology Is Hard
Young mortgage originators probably don’t remember a time when they didn’t have access to a loan-origination software (LOS) system. Just 25 years ago, however, loans were still being originated on typ...
By Doug Chang, founder and CEO, Calyx Software

Residential | September 2016 
Prepare for HMDA Waves
Although it has been nearly a year since the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued the final rule spelling out the expanded reporting requirements under the decades-old Home Mortgage Disc...
By Anthony M. Sharett, partner, BakerHostetler; and Bob Niemi, senior adviser, BakerHostetler

Residential | January 2004 
Chasing the Foreclosure Sale
Ralph is diligently applying the information learned at that foreclosure seminar he attended a month ago.  As the instructor said, there’s a fortune to be made picking up troubled properties.  Why? It...
By A. B. Jacobs, professional investor, Premier Investors of Orange County

Commercial | March 2005 
The Basics to Foreclosure and Negotiating a Loan Restructure
Foreclosure is the legal process in which your right to a property is terminated through a forced public-auction sale, usually because of a default of monthly mortgage payments. This article address...
By Joe Vera, real estate broker, industry consultant

Commercial | March 2009 
Buy Down Mortgages, Build Up Business
With fewer profitable deals around, real estate investors seek new ways to reduce investment-related spending. Mortgage brokers are in a good position to help their clients save money and stabilize ...
By Jeffrey Wolfer, president and CEO, Silver Arch Capital Partners


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