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Articles about Mortgage Banking


Residential | January 2016 
To Be or Not to Be a Mortgage Banker
Various regulatory and industry changes over the years have led to predictions by some experts that the end of the mortgage-broker profession has arrived. Although those dire warnings have not panned ...
By John F. Cady, senior vice president of production, Mountain West Financial Inc.

Commercial | April 2015 
The Truth Behind Banking
Many businesses need to borrow money. In fact, many entrepreneurs will try to establish a credit relationship with a lender in the initial stages of business development. The ability to borrow money i...
By Garry Barnes, director, PW Partners Consultancy

Residential | December 2003 
Avoiding the Top Ten Mistakes Made by Loan Officers
Editor’s Note: The following article is an excerpt from Blair Hanson’s book, The Step By Step Guide to Creating Real Estate Agent Relationships.  It was written to train loan officers in effective tec...
By Blair Hanson, NW District Manager, Downey Wholesale

Residential | October 2003 
Consumers, Mortgage Industry Should Begin Preparing for Slowdown in Mortgage Market
With the recent increase in mortgage interest rates, there’s been some talk that the “boom” we’ve seen over the past few years in the mortgage industry is coming to an end. The end, it appears, is now...
By Darryl Fry, President and CEO, ComUnity Lending

Residential | June 2003 
The Use of Business Rules Engines in Advanced Mortgage Closing Systems
Mortgage banking operations, along with companies across nearly all industries and market segments, face the ongoing challenge of adapting their processes and policies to reflect a rapidly changing bu...
By Christopher Eagle, Chief Technology Officer, Entyre Mortgage Closing Solutions

Residential | February 2003 
The Broker's Corner: Targeting the Agent
Editor’s Note: The following article is an excerpt from Blair Hanson’s book, The Step By Step Guide to Creating Real Estate Agent Relationships.  It was written to train loan officers in effective tec...
By Blair Hanson, NW District Manager, Downey Wholesale

Residential | May 2004 
What to Look for in a Lender?
As a mortgage broker, there are several lenders competing for your business. Purchase money business relationships are becoming an increasingly important part of the mortgage industry.  Furthermore...
By Jim Nudelman, National Sales Training Manager, Accredited Home Lenders

Residential | March 2004 
The Benefits of Utilizing a Mortgage Loan Processing Company
The processing of loans affects the broker side of the mortgage industry. Regardless of how your loans are currently being processed, chances are your success and sense of security rest on how well yo...
By Shaena Langston, Sr. Loan Coordinator and Manager, Masterwork Processing Services

Commercial | June 2005 
Get to know MISMO
A new word is about to enter the lexicon of commercial-real-estate finance, joining terms such as mezzanine financing, defeasement and conduit. MISMO is a word that describes a major technological ...
By Daniel P. Szparaga, senior director, Commercial/Multifamily Business Group of the Mortgage Bankers Association

Commercial | April 2005 
We Were There: Lessons Learned at MBA CREF
The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) held its annual Commercial Real Estate Finance (CREF)/Multifamily Housing Convention and Expo this past Feb. 6-9 in San Diego. Mortgage brokers from around the...
By William Jones, broker and partner, San Diego Lending Inc.

Residential | November 2005 
Broker to Banker
Making the transition from mortgage broker to mortgage banker has its advantages. You can originate more loans because you will be selling loans on the secondary market. You have more control over y...
By Greg Davis, senior vice president of national sales, Impac Funding Corp.

Residential | November 2005 
The Lowdown on Low Rates
Advertisements for low introductory rates for mortgage loans abound in newspapers, direct mail, radio, the Internet and more. These low rates seem unbeatable and can excite and entice borrowers — bu...
By Thomas Morgan, executive vice president of training, TrainingPro

Residential | September 2005 
Loan Processing Overseas
Recently, offshore outsourcing has come out of the shadows and into mainstream America. Whether you’re calling your phone company or making travel plans, your 1-800 call might be transferred to some...
By Joe Machado, president, E-OPS Loan Processing

Residential | August 2005 
Lighter Side of Lending: Ask Mort the Mortgage Man
For some time, we’ve needed an online therapist to help us understand our new, techno-lending world. The time has come for our own chat room, where lenders can communicate with others who make their...
By Gordon Schlicke, mortgage trainer, Seattle

Residential | July 2005 
The lighter side of lending: Taking collections
Originators are never fully trained until they spend a little time on the other side of our business. In management-training programs, new hires would be sent to work in all departments to get the ...
By Gordon Schlicke, mortgage trainer, Seattle


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