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Articles about Mortgage Banking


Residential | April 2007 
The Softer Side of Hard Money
For some, commercial hard-money mortgages can evoke images of a school of sharks in a feeding frenzy. Many borrowers who fall “prey” share a common trait: poor credit. Borrowers with cred...
By Jim Levie, president, NonSuch Consultants Inc.

Residential | April 2007 
Payoff Solutions Can Pay
Many baby boomers are waking up to the challenge of paying off their homes before retirement. These homeowners are starting to realize that it is time to stop cashing out their equity and start cash...
By Christopher M. George, president and CEO, CMG Financial Services

Residential | April 2007 
2 Keys to Commercial Lending
Some residential brokers who make the switch to or take on commercial loans are more successful with some product types over others. For instance, they may be proficient with commercial construction...
By Joe Mardesich, senior vice president, Harvest Small Business Finance LLC

Residential | April 2007 
Alternatives for the New Mainstream Markets
We’ve seen the statistics about the U.S. housing gap: 52 percent of minority households own homes versus 76 percent of white households, according to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing St...
By Paul E. Mullings, senior vice president, Freddie Mac

Residential | April 2007 
Social Responsibility as Market Cache
Social responsibility seems to be the new trend in the business world. Companies are finding that by proactively establishing policies and programs that benefit their customers, employees and commun...
By Dale Vermillion, president, Mortgage Champions

Residential | March 2007 
Q&A: John Anthony and Michael Vernon, National Association of Mortgage Brokers
NAMB’s technology subcommittee is designed to help brokers learn about and use technology effectively. Co-Chairmen John Anthony — owner of ACA Mortgage in Mechanicsburg, Pa. — and Michael Vernon — p...
By Melinda Young, associate editor, Scotsman Guide Media, Inc

Residential | March 2007 
Lender Web Tools You Can Use
When evaluating a lender with which to do business, it is beneficial for brokers to evaluate lenders’ Web sites. There are a number of features and tools that brokers should look for on these sites....
By Tricia M. Bailey, president, BrooksAmerica Mortgage Corp.

Residential | February 2007 
Diversify to Maximize Capital
Successful businesspeople such as the Rockefellers, Carnegies and Vanderbilts didn’t get to where they did without a keen sense of business awareness. They took advantage of many strategies to maxi...
By Mitchell Chapman, executive director, National Business Finance

Residential | February 2007 
5 Mistakes to Avoid
Some mortgage brokers work with private-mortgage investors to fund their clients’ deals. Private mortgage investors often are private individuals who lend their own money to others and who secure th...
By Paul Wells, president, Success Mortgage and Financial Services Co.

Residential | February 2007 
Keeping It in Reserve
With unstable rates and declining property values, it has become increasingly difficult for loan officers to refinance their clients’ mortgages without increasing the homeowners’ monthly expenses. T...
By Drew de la Houssaye, managing director, Fund It Capital

Residential | February 2007 
Plan for the Road Ahead
It is rare to read the news these days without seeing a story about the housing and mortgage industries. From the housing market being on the brink of disaster to the latest “predatory lending” fia...
By Brett Reall, regional vice president, Aegis Funding

Residential | February 2007 
You and Your Lender, Hand in Hand
The broker-lender relation-ship historically has been typified best by the phrase “can’t live with them, can’t live without them.” Brokers need lenders to get loans to their customers. B...
By Layne Sapp, founder and CEO, Credex

Residential | February 2007 
Multifamily: It Feels Like Home
Multifamily is one of the most-common small-commercial-property types, especially for residential mortgage brokers getting into the commercial side of the business. After all, multifamily propertie...
By Michael Boggiano, national sales manager, Silver Hill Funding

Residential | February 2007 
4 Key Trends to Watch
You would have to be a true visionary if you could look into the mortgage industry’s future. This year, however, it is clear that we have entered a changing environment. In the past few ...
By Karl Young, founding member and chief operating officer, First Magnus

Residential | January 2007 
Leave Failure Behind
There has been much talk lately about how difficult the mortgage market has become. If you pay close attention to the industry, however, you will notice that no matter what the conditions are, the t...
By Chad Weber, owner, Average Joe L.O.


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