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Articles about Mortgage Banking


Residential | May 2009 
Diving into Loan Pools
Traditionally, funding private-money loans and investing in mortgages or trust deeds were financial dealings reserved for a select group of people who understood the intricacies of these transaction...
By Timi Pereira, president, GoldenOmega

Residential | May 2009 
Forensic Loan Audits Provide Protection
The mortgage industry as we have known it no longer exists. It was a victim of lending abuses, widespread greed, and a flawed regulatory structure that failed to protect consumers, brokers and lende...
By August Blass, owner, National Loan Auditors; and Stephen Hoshida, manager of the legal portal, National Loan Auditors

Commercial | March 2009 
Catch New Business with Corporate Lending
In the past, many mortgage brokers looked past different types of deals simply because they were focused on real estate. Savvy brokers, however, look beyond their comfort zones and explore new terra...
By Andrew Bogdanoff, chairman, Remington Financial Group Inc

Residential | March 2009 
Bringing Stability Back
A record number of U.S. homeowners are now either behind on their mortgage payments or facing foreclosure. Credit is extremely tight, sales are down, and consumers worry about their jobs and their f...
By Mark Goldhaber, senior vice president, affordable housing and government business development, Genworth Financial Inc.’s U.S. mortgage-insurance business

Residential | December 2011 
Slow Down to Speed Up Sales
The mortgage industry has upended itself in the past few years. Since 2008, we’ve hit an economic brick wall, girded by new restrictions, tight credit and few qualified buyers. Worst of all, the bonds...
By William L. MacDonald, president and CEO, PleinAire Strategies LLC

Residential | November 2011 
Surviving the Declining Housing Market
Distressed properties are an increasing reality in today’s real estate market. Mortgage bankers and branch operators who service loans must know how to deal with these situations. The sooner a payment...
By Gary Opper, president, Approved Financial Corp.

Residential | October 2011 
Your Best Approach to the Purchase Market
This past August, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reported that its weekly mortgage-applications survey reached its lowest level for purchase activity in 15 years. Nonetheless, mortgage origina...
By Peter Harvey, founder and CEO of Intellidyn Corp, Intellidyn


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