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Articles about Mortgage Banking


Residential | February 2006 
The Lighter Side of Lending: Title and Credits
Bureaucrats have assigned standard industrial classification numbers to the countless job titles in the United States. According to the government, all mortgage lenders are part of the real estate s...
By Gordon Schlicke, mortgage trainer, Seattle

Residential | February 2006 
Prequals Vs. Pre-Approvals
Realtors depend on mortgage brokers to give buyers that magical piece of paper that says they are qualified to buy a house. Realtors want to make sure that they aren’t wasting their time or their se...
By Jim L. McIntosh, operations manager, Blarney Stone Funding Inc.

Residential | January 2006 
Picking Apart Pricing
I believe that the actual costs of closing a loan are a mystery to many warehouse lenders. When calculating the required return on a loan and computing the yield to achieve profitability, many peopl...
By Manuel V. Sicre, chief financial officer, EMP Medical Services and Central Medical Equipment Rental

Commercial | December 2007 
For Owner-Users, It’s All About Cash
In the world of owner-user finance, cash is king -- and the source of repayment is of utmost importance to lenders. Because the property itself doesn’t produce income, that repayment source is essen...
By Robin Pitts, sales executive for advisor services, Everbank’s Commercial Real Estate Lending Group

Commercial | December 2007 
Cross the Bridge
When I tell people I’m in the bridge-lending business, they often give me a funny look or say, “Oh,” and then change the subject. Even some finance professionals may be unfamiliar with it. ...
By Lisa Kelly, Director of Sales and Marketing, Equity Secured Capital

Commercial | December 2007 
Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going
The landscape of the commercial mortgage industry has changed this past year, especially given the disruption caused by the residential nonprime market. Interest-only loans have all but ...
By William E. Hughes, senior vice president and managing director, Marcus & Millichap Capital Corp.

Commercial | November 2007 
For Quick Money, Sign on the Dotted Line
Contract financing is available to individuals and businesses as a means of increasing cash flow and expanding operations. Make sure to tell your business-owner clients about this opportunity. With ...
By Jeannene Arnell, commercial finance specialist, Beehive Commercial Lending

Commercial | October 2007 
Swap Spreads and You
In the 1980s, life seemed relatively trouble-free and easy. Most commercial lenders were banks, savings and loans, or life-insurance companies. They made loans based on relationships and loan to val...
By Craig C. Johnson, president and CEO, Aries Capital Inc.

Commercial | September 2007 
Using Assets Wisely
Some commercial projects require a more expedited avenue for financing than traditional financing can offer. Borrowers who don’t have months to secure financing and who don’t want to invest current ...
By Jeannene Arnell, commercial finance specialist, Beehive Commercial Lending

Commercial | September 2007 
Help Borrowers’ Businesses Do a 180
Whenever the economy changes, many business-owners tend to overreact to changing dynamics. Their actions or inactions can sometimes lead to dire consequences, including cash-flow issues. This kind o...
By Glen Weinberg, chief operating officer, Fairview Commercial Lending

Commercial | September 2007 
Global Markets Hit Main Street USA
I enjoy occasional nostalgia for slower times. Like back when the news came once a day in the newspaper, and we took in the headlines at whatever pace we happened to turn the pages. Toda...
By Frank Scavone, executive vice president, Business Loan Express (BLX)

Commercial | September 2007 
Internalize the IRR
The internal rate of return (IRR) is a frequently used tool to analyze the financial performance of all kinds of investments. For commercial real estate investors in particular, it is a key tool use...
By Randy Groover, president and CEO, Seascape Financial Group

Commercial | September 2007 
How to Make More on Your Loan
A disadvantage that brokers face in originating commercial mortgage loans is that lenders typically don’t pay more than 1 point. Sure, you can make your traditional upfront brokerage fee. But in an ...
By Nick Orford, managing principal, Indie Capital Inc.

Commercial | August 2007 
Bucking the Popularity Contest
Do you know a restaurant that’s always crowded? How about an auto-repair shop with demand in high gear? These don’t sound like unpopular businesses. Yet when it comes to loan approval, re...
By Tom Brubaker, vice president of marketing, InterBay Funding LLC

Commercial | August 2007 
Financing Facts
Recent statistics show that only one in 20 commercial loan applications actually make it to closing and ultimately get funded. There are many reasons why a lender would reject a loan application, bu...
By Tony Vo, vice president of capital relations, The VEC Financial Group


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