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Articles about Mortgage Banking


Commercial | August 2007 
Poring Over Properties
When considering whether to finance income-producing properties, lenders are especially concerned with the property’s stability. They use three primary analytical techniques to determine the propert...
By Lorenzo Hills, managing director, East Coast Commercial Finance

Commercial | August 2007 
Know Your Deals
Commercial mortgage brokers do not need management consultants to ensure a lender notices their deals. They must, however, ensure that they know their deals before marketing them to potential lender...
By Gardy Bloemers, vice president, Anglo-American Financial LLC

Commercial | July 2007 
Rake in the Residual Income
Competition is around every corner. As such, we have seen a marked increase in mortgage brokers broadening their offerings. Many of their business-owner clients seek working capital or other types o...
By Philip Dushey, president, Global Broker Systems

Commercial | May 2007 
Navigating the Yield Curve
With new lenders and brokers rapidly entering the commercial lending industry, it is important to separate yourself from the competition. One way is to position yourself as an adviser to your client...
By Kevin Robbins, president, Baypoint Financial Services

Commercial | April 2007 
4 Primary Defeasance Provisions
More than 2,500 commercial-mortgage-backed-securities loans — worth more than $20 billion in total — were defeased in 2006, according to Moody’s Investors Service. This was a dramatic increase from ...
By Sarah Coffey, defeasance consultant, Chatham Financial

Commercial | April 2007 
Lift Your Cap
Finding properties that have reasonable returns of 5 percent to 6 percent is fairly straightforward for most commercial brokers. Understanding the potential of that same property to make a better re...
By Phil Sblendorio, senior vice president, Farmers & Merchants Bank

Residential | December 2007 
What You 1003 is What You Get
To succeed at selling, you must build more than just relationships. You need “realationships.” The key to building realationships is time. You must slow down and spend more time with you...
By Dale Vermillion, president, Mortgage Champions

Residential | November 2007 
Q&A: Ira Rheingold, National Association of Consumer Advocates
In 2004, NACA and its network of more than 1,000 attorneys successfully campaigned to have Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stop purchasing loans with binding mandatory-arbitration clauses. Predatory lend...
By Melinda Young, associate editor, Scotsman Guide Media, Inc

Residential | November 2007 
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
Despite the daily bombardment of negative stories we’re hearing about the mortgage industry, there are important “silver lining” factors at work. If harnessed correctly, they could lead you to a goo...
By Andy Lockwood, author, MortgageMarketingWhiz

Residential | November 2007 
Answer Rate Questions Confidently
As a mortgage broker, your job is all about serving your borrowers. You meet them, help them with applications and find them a loan. Throughout the process, you answer their questions. A...
By Jason Harris, CEO, Freedom First Financial Inc.

Residential | November 2007 
Getting Creative With Seller Financing
There are two areas where mortgage originators can make money with seller financing: When it is used as a second mortgage behind an institutional first mortgage.When it is used to refina...
By Norman Linton, president, Inc.

Residential | November 2007 
How to Handle Owner Financing
Many mortgage brokers may not be aware of how they can make money in a seller-financed scenario. It’s often considered a worst-case scenario for the seller, though brokers can help the seller cash o...
By Divina K. Westerfield, president, National Note Association

Residential | November 2007 
Extra Points for Creativity
If there is one term that could capture what sets mortgage brokers apart, it might be creative financing. Creative financing has been used for decades in many ventures, including the fil...
By Len Holland, managing director,

Residential | October 2007 
Harness the HELOC
From our first piggy bank to our initial interest-bearing savings account to our own checking account, most of us learned early on that the more money we save, the better. The problem wit...
By Mike Smela, vice president and national mentor, Carteret Mortgage

Residential | October 2007 
Help Clients, Help Yourself
With mortgage originators now competing more than ever for business, some are paying for business coaching, sales training and computer systems to help create more referrals that hopefully will lead...
By Ron Draluck, mortgage planner, Sunshine Mortgage Co.


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