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Articles about Mortgage Banking


Residential | July 2007 
The Need for a Fair Loan Process
The news about the mortgage industry in the past few months has spurred a dialogue about the fairness of the home-loan process. Many consumers argue that loan-officer practices are manipulative and ...
By Kevin Boileau, CEO, BPI Consulting Group Inc.

Residential | July 2007 
Building New Branches, Block by Block
Many mortgage companies venture into net branching without taking proper steps to ensure their branches’ success. Often-overlooked, yet essential, steps include hiring, training and supporting branc...
By Hunt Gersin, president and CEO, Neighborhood Sales Consultants

Residential | July 2007 
Steps Toward National Licensing
In just four years, the number of states with legislation for licensing loan officers (LOs) has increased from three to 33. Plus, seven more states have introduced and are considering implementing ...
By Herbert H. Thomas, president, Thomas Law Firm PC

Residential | July 2007 
Money Laundering: Not So Clean
Exceptional growth in the real estate market in the past few years made mortgage financing an attractive opportunity for fraudsters. Add to that the development of innovative loan products that made...
By Ivan A. Garces, director of forensic services, Kaufman, Rossin & Co.

Residential | July 2007 
Condo Quirks to Know
To some brokers, condominium lending may seem easy. Many think it’s just like lending on a single-family residence — a couple of adjustments to pricing from the rate sheet, and you have a slam-dunk ...
By P. Morgan Brown, chief operating officer, New Day Trust Mortgage

Residential | July 2007 
Integrity Can Keep Us Steady
Let’s face it: The entire mortgage industry is under attack. It doesn’t matter what role you play; each of us is tainted by the events that have unfolded in the nonprime industry. In fact, if you fo...
By John M. Robbins, co-head, Vertice

Residential | July 2007 
Beating the Bubble
When former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan coined the phrase “irrational exuberance” in December 1996, he was attempting to alert the markets about a bubble in asset prices. Most did ...
By Carlos F. Crespo, principal, NIGMA Capital & Finance LLC

Residential | June 2007 
Helping Hands
Name Dale Vermillion, CEO, Vermillion Consulting Inc. Project Founding Mortgage Professionals Providing Hope (MPPH) Site Andhra Pradesh province in southern India ...
By Ivanna C. Sukkar, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Residential | June 2007 
Maximize Your Success Through the Internet
The marketplace has become ultracompetitive, and many brokers and loan officers are struggling to keep pace and stay afloat. With repeat and referral business slowing, it is a good idea to investiga...
By Trevor Cobb, senior sales representative, Etrafficers Inc.

Residential | June 2007 
Pick the Right Lead for You
Mortgage brokers need a reliable source of interested and qualified consumers to maintain their pipelines when referral volume is lower than they’d like. But finding those consumers by buying mortga...
By Joey Liner, co-founder, DoublePositive Marketing Group

Residential | June 2007 
How to Go Online Without Losing Your Shirt
In today’s mortgage industry, it is difficult to argue for doing business without the aid of technology. From lenders’ automated underwriting engines to online loan-origination systems (LOSs) that b...
By Peter Phelps, CFO and COO, Next Online Mortgage Technologies Inc.

Residential | June 2007 
Be Proactive to Gain Realtor Referrals
High-producing real estate agents are the golden goose of mortgage referrals. One reason top Realtor pros are high–producing is they pay close attention to detail and they anticipate problems. They ...
By Jim Hughes, founder, owner and broker, Greenwell Realty

Residential | June 2007 
Turn Mishap into Victory
When we think of customer service, we often think of ways we can provide our customers with exceptional service. We also pledge to understand their needs; to offer them a quality product or service ...
By Rich Leffler, director of training/senior instructor, AxSellerated Development

Residential | June 2007 
Common Sense for a Soft Market
The opportunity to set record loan-origination numbers and to reap huge commissions has led many in the mortgage-lending business to turn a blind eye to common-sense lending and underwriting. It was...
By Joseph Badal, senior executive vice president, Thornburg Mortgage Inc.

Residential | June 2007 
Navigating Regulatory Waters
Residential mortgage lending is a highly regulated industry. New laws — covering everything from predatory lending to prepayment-penalty restrictions to nontraditional mortgages — are enacted and e...
By Rachel Wertheimer, chief compliance officer, First Magnus


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