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Commercial | May 2019 
The New Office Behemoth
Definition Coworking ...
By Lee H. Roberts, managing partner, SharpVue Capital

Commercial | February 2019 
Niche Products Open Doors
Niche loan products and services are the key to any successful marketing campaign. They enable commercial mortgage brokers to establish new referral sources that otherwise may not have been responsive...
By Rob Diodato, president, York Commercial Finance

Commercial | February 2019 
Nonbank Financing Can Get the Deal Done
Often, some of the best opportunities in real estate investment do not fit into the box of “acceptable” for many conventional lenders. These lenders typically prefer to follow well-wo...
By Will Nelson, Columbia Pacific Advisors

Commercial | January 2019 
Create a Quantitative Marketing Advantage
Marketing success is often contingent on an ability to tailor hyper-targeted messages to prospects across a variety of mediums. That is particularly true if you are a commercial mortgage broker. ...
By Richard Sarkis, CEO and co-founder, Reonomy

Commercial | December 2018 
Join the Industrial Revolution
Today’s industrial real estate debt markets are robust for experienced borrowers with institutional partners, as well as for individual borrowers who are just beginning to grow their portfolios. Indus...
By Jonathan Pharris, co-founder and president, CapRock Partners

Residential | September 2018 
The Multifamily Arena Can Be Lucrative
Many investors in recent years have shifted from acquiring residential real estate — one to four units — to the multifamily space, which is defined as five or more units. Some reasons for this transit...
By Misty Read, director, Hunt Real Estate Capital

Commercial | September 2018 
Rising Interest Rates Signal a New Investment Climate
Historically low interest rates over the past decade have set the stage for many commercial real estate developers to easily obtain conventional financing in order to build, acquire, renovate or repos...
By Sanford Herrick, founder and managing principal, Case Real Estate Capital LLC

Commercial | September 2018 
Being Prepared Gives You More Financing Reach
As a commercial mortgage broker, lining up financing for cash-flowing properties is generally straightforward. Properties that are not cash flowing (such as a vacant property) and construction loans, ...
By Jonathan Daniel, principal , Knighthead Funding

Commercial | August 2018 
Financing Option Expands the Window of Opportunity
There’s a new financing tool available to commercial mortgage brokers and their small-business clients. It’s the 25-year U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loan, which is designed for comm...
By Kurt Chilcott, president and CEO, CDC Small Business Finance

Commercial | July 2018 
The Self-Storage Niche Is a Deal Generator
E-commerce giant Amazon is a major character driving the national real estate story these days, and the self-storage sector is a major subplot in that narrative. No matter where you go in Seattle — th...
By Billy Meyer, managing director of real estate lending, Columbia Pacific Advisors

Commercial | July 2018 
Alternative Financing Is Rising
An increasing number of commercial mortgage brokers and borrowers are looking to nonbank lenders to fund their transactions. A survey conducted by Money360 earlier this year at the 2018 Mortgage...
By Gary Bechtel, president, Money360

Commercial | June 2018 
Find the Pulse of Medical Properties
The medical office building (MOB) market has grown exponentially in recent years, creating an unprecedented opportunity for real estate investors, medical practitioners and commercial mortgage brokers...
By Edwin Urrego, executive loan officer, Kennedy Funding Financial

Commercial | June 2018 
An Alternative Lending Checklist
Alternative lenders have been successful in filling needs in the marketplace by providing flexibility, diversity among product offerings, and adapting to changing regulatory and economic tim...
By Mark Fogel, president and CEO, ACRES Capital

Commercial | May 2018 
Don’t Let Property Red Flags Derail a Deal
Some commercial building owners, when seeking to sell a property, erroneously believe that any underlying structural issues with the property are issues best left for the next owner to address. Unfort...
By Jane Powell, project manager, Partner Engineering and Science Inc.

Commercial | May 2018 
Flip the Retail Script
The shift in consumer behavior toward embracing e-commerce — which now accounts for about 9 percent of all retail sales, according to the U.S. Census Bureau — has been a dominant trend in this economi...
By Christopher Muoio, senior quantitative strategist, Ten-X Commercial


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