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Articles about Property Types


Commercial | April 2018 
Cultivate Cannabis
If you missed big news from the last election cycle, you should know that cannabis is now legal for both medical and recreational use in seven U.S. states, as well as Washington D.C. Those seven state...
By Lawrence S. Brown, CEO, Evergreen Private Finance

Commercial | April 2018 
Mixed-Use Deals Can Pay Dividends
Do a Google search for “mortgage for mixed use” or “getting financing for mixed-use real estate.” Guess what? Multiple items pop up on the first page, featuring lenders that will fund these types of l...
By Tyler Stone, founder and president, Capstone Financial

Commercial | March 2018 
Locate the Oasis
At the start of 2018, commercial real estate lenders and investors are continuing to make adjustments to marketplace changes caused by tightening bank requirements and regulations. Over the past year,...
By Daniel Palmier, founder, president, and CEO, UC Funds

Commercial | March 2018 
The Right Financing for Your Deal Is out There
Commercial banks may be tightening their lending standards, but capital is still available if you know how and where to find alternatives. Many banks are being conservative because of leasing cha...
By Ben Kadish, president and founder, Maverick Commercial Mortgage Inc.

Commercial | February 2018 
Leverage Can Amplify Return on Investment
Commercial mortgage brokers, for the most part, would agree that leverage in a financing package is a useful and necessary tool for any of their real estate investor clients. Leverage, or the ratio of...
By Rob Diodato, president, York Commercial Finance

Commercial | February 2018 
Keep Micros in Mind
  Definition Micro unit There is not a standard defi...
By Peter Clasquin, managing director, Hunt Mortgage Group

Commercial | January 2018 
Catch the Fix-and-Flip Wave
Definition Home flipping Fix-and-flip is a real estate strategy in which an investor purchases a residential property ...
By Tyler Stone, founder and president, Capstone Financial

Commercial | January 2018 
A Tale of Two Financing Deals
Following is a tale of two commercial real estate deals, one that was successful at securing financing and one that was not. Understanding the dynamics of each is instructive for commercial ...
By Clark Briner, founder and CEO, Revere Capital

Commercial | December 2017 
Assess the Self-Storage Landscape
For operators of self-storage businesses, the hurricane catastrophes that struck Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico this past August and September have become business-altering events. In the immediate af...
By Ken Schutter, executive vice president, A10 Capital

Commercial | December 2017 
Future-Driven Real Estate
Automation is taking over the transportation industry. In the coming years, it figures to influence commercial real estat eland use. Depending on how quickly self-driving automobile technology gets ad...
By Scott Peterson, director of technical services, Boston Region Metropolitan Transportation Organization

Commercial | October 2017 
Today’s Special? Restaurant and Bar Opportunities
What is the true measure of a commercial mortgage broker’s worth? Although a LinkedIn account chock-full of industry contacts and a state-of-the-art website may help to create the outward appearance o...
By Juan Barcelo, vice president of sales, Silver Hill Funding LLC

Commercial | September 2017 
Capitalize on Opportunity With C-PACE Loans
At a Glance Things to consider with C-PACE financing As a mortgage broker accustomed to dealing with commercial mortga...
By Brian McCarter, CEO, Sustainable Real Estate Solutions

Commercial | August 2017 
Private-Equity Debt Can Save the Day
Private-equity real estate debt financing is on the rise. Preqin’s 2017 Global Real Estate Report indicates that aggregate debt-focused target (or optimal) capital increased by 6.45 percent year over ...
By Stephen Counts, vice president, Envoy Net Lease Partners; and Ralph Cram, president and manager, Envoy Net Lease Partners

Commercial | July 2017 
Hotels Are in a Class of Their Own
Hotels are among of the oldest forms of real estate. Before office buildings, before multifamily projects, there were inns and hotels, dating back to Roman times. People have and will alwa...
By Jay Litt, president, The Litt Group

Commercial | April 2017 
Hotels March to Their Own Beat
Should we lend to a hotel buyer? This is an important question for lenders and, consequently, for commercial mortgage brokers working hotel deals. First and foremost, what is a hotel? Obviously, ...
By Jay Litt, president, The Litt Group


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