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Articles about Recruitment


Residential | September 2019 
The Mortgage Industry Should Champion Women
Key Points An explanation for major banks’ money-losing approach ...
By Chris Boyle, chief client officer, Freddie Mac

Commercial | April 2019 
What’s Your Brand?
Company branding is really important. Customers shop for brands, prefer some brands over others and can remain loyal to a brand for a lifetime. The brand represents a customer’s past experience with...
By Darin Young, president and CEO, Popular Commercial Lending Group

Commercial | April 2019 
Put Cold Calls in a Deep Freeze
There’s no denying the digital revolution sweeping through the commercial real estate industry. As technology advances, mortgage brokers are using new technologies to find the right customers and ...
By Richard Sarkis, CEO and co-founder, Reonomy

Residential | February 2019 
Psst… You’re Probably Motivating Millennials the Wrong Way
What makes today’s sales team tick? How are you motivating the next generation of sales superstars? You are probably dropping the ball, unfortunately.  Motivating and encouraging a sales team see...
By Leslie Heimer, relationship manager, American Liberty Mortgage

Residential | January 2019 
Approach Clients With the Heart of a Teacher
Mortgage originators serve as important gatekeepers for homebuyers. Not only do they help borrowers acquire what is typically their most valuable asset (both emotionally and fiscally), the...
By Mike Hardwick, president, Churchill Mortgage Corp.

Residential | January 2019 
Every Generation Can Play a Role in the Mortgage Industry
Just as the millennial generation is settling comfortably into positions of ever-increasing importance in the mortgage industry, the next wave of workers — dubbed Generation Z — is beginning to ...
By Carolyn Frank, chief human resources officer, Guild Mortgage

Residential | November 2018 
These Leadership Traits Will Serve You and Others Well
There is no traditional or clear-cut path to success for those entering the mortgage industry. Whereas most employers look to recent college graduates or technically skilled workers to fill their rank...
By Mike Hardwick, president, Churchill Mortgage Corp.

Residential | August 2018 
Closing the Management-Skills Gap
Career-advancement opportunities abound in the mortgage industry. It is an industry where an individual taking an entry-level mortgage-originator job, for example, can go on to enjoy an enriching work...
By Charlotte Tyson, director of customer consulting, Genworth Mortgage Insurance.

Residential | July 2018 
Virtual Reality Can Boost Originator-Recruiting Efforts
When attempting to attract top talent, mortgage companies and other businesses put on display their culture, key people, community involvement and the benefits of their workplaces. What can set your m...
By Jeff Jensen, past president, Washington Mortgage Bankers Association

Residential | June 2018 
Recruiting the Best Requires Commitment
Turnover in the mortgage industry is high, which leads to a variety of issues for both the employer and mortgage originators. Whether you are working for a large national or international bank o...
By Amy Tierce, vice president of sales and marketing, Mortgage Equity Partners

Residential | June 2018 
Mortgage Industry Leaders Face a Millennial Challenge
The mortgage industry has gone through a lot of change over the past 10 years, but much of that flux is the result of variables beyond the control of individual mortgage professionals. In the wake of ...
By Dennis Black, CEO, Dennis Black and Associates

Residential | May 2018 
Viewpoint: We Need More Women Executives
  Key Points The mortgage industry needs more female leadership Women play a major growing role in the h...
By J. Tony Thompson, founder and CEO, National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America

Residential | May 2018 
Managing the Modern Workforce
In an age when most everyday tasks can be handled electronically, and more jobs are being taken over by intelligent automation, who needs people to be in an office? The majority of mortgage originator...
By Niki Nevarez, regional vice president of operations, Mountain West Financial

Residential | February 2018 
Hire and Hope Is Not a Winning Strategy
Most mortgage originators would agree that sales strategy is critical to growing their business — especially if they work for small or midsized companies with finite reserves. Not every mortgage compa...
By Gerald Coulter, co-founder, Sales Icons

Residential | December 2017 
Prepare for a Changing of the Guard
At a Glance Sales- and leadership-training company XINNIX surveyed 600 new mortgage professionals in 2015. The poll found the following: Sixty-one percent of respondents had some level of prio...
By Kyle Nicholas McCray, director of innovations, American Pacific Mortgage


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