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Articles about Renovation Loans


Residential | December 2016 
The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide
As the year comes to a close, it’s always a good idea to reflect on the success you had and what you could have done better. For most originators, despite dire predictions from “experts,” it was a pre...
By Carl Markman, director of national sales, REMN Wholesale

Residential | December 2016 
Renovation Lending Is on the Rise
It seems everywhere you turn these days there is another story about low housing inventory and how borrowers are having a hard time finding the homes they want. Renovation loans can help overcom...
By Ragen Cunningham, national renovation-lending manager, Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc

Commercial | December 2016 
Don’t Disturb Underwriting
Many endeavors in life depend on getting the right feedback at the right time. Navigating your way to a new location, for example, is far easier when you can plug the address into a mobile app and fol...
By Jay Litt, president, The Litt Group

Residential | September 2016 
Make Your Marketing Stand Out, or Stand Aside
The biggest barrier to your success right now isn’t the economy. It’s your marketing. The housing industry is an ever-changing environment, and your customers are the targets of more marketing campaig...
By Carl Markman, director of national sales, REMN Wholesale

Residential | July 2016 
Renovation Loans Can Build New Business Avenues
Helping your clients find the home of their dreams can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare for a mortgage originator. A tight housing market means there are a limited number of properties on the market....
By Nicholas DiMilia, account executive, American Financial Resources Inc.

Residential | June 2015 
The Thrill of Renovation Loans
Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans have a recipe all their own. The vanilla FHA loan is the current flavor of the month with the decrease in annual mortgage insurance premium instituted earlie...
By Shelley Collins, vice president of corporate underwriting and credit risk, Mountain West Financial Inc.

Residential | April 2015 
Build an Advantage Over Your Competition
In today’s mortgage industry, there are few things more important than developing additional business. For some originators, it’s essential to remaining merely solvent, while for others it is equally ...
By Stuart Blend, regional sales manager, Planet Home Lending

Residential | April 2005 
Build Profits with Construction and Renovation Lending
Many mortgage brokers who thrived during the recent refinance boom now are searching for ways to compete effectively again. With refinance volume drying up, these brokers are working to capture purc...
By Tod R. Edwards, national wholesale mortgage director, M&T Mortgage Corp

Commercial | November 2009 
The $64,000 Multimillion-Dollar Question(s)
When prospective clients approach you with a project for which they need financing, what do you do? Mortgage brokers who review deals comprehensively before committing to them may find more success th...
By Michael Zukerman, managing director, Whitestone Realty Capital LLC

Commercial | July 2009 
Helping Hands: Apartment Investment and Management Co.
Name Construction-services employees, Apartment Investment and Management Co. (Aimco) Project Kitchen remodel at Champa House Site Denver How This past December,...
By Ivanna C. Sukkar, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | March 2009 
How to Think Like an Investor
In today's commercial real estate market, one thing seems clear: The true value of any property should be based solely on its income-production capability. Including anything more than that in deter...
By Dr. Ken Rich, retired physician, professional real estate investor

Residential | July 2014 
Embrace the Right Tool for the Job
This year, the real estate market will feel the effects of two major influences: a long, harsh winter and the still-lingering shadow of the housing crisis. These factors are particularly noteworthy wh...
By Kevin Cloyd, president, Carrington Home Solutions LP

Commercial | June 2011 
Getting to Know Insurance
In today’s economy, investors are looking harder for deeply discounted bargains. One opportunity presenting itself is commercial property. Whether they seek a single structure, shopping center, apartm...
By Marc A. Cisneros Jr., CEO and co-owner, CS Innovative Insurance Solutions

Residential | January 2011 
Refinancing for Renovations
With the traditional move-up market impacted negatively by foreclosures and short sales, many homeowners who would normally be moving to a new house may decide to stay put and improve the house they a...
By Michael Zukerman, managing director, Whitestone Realty Capital LLC

Commercial | February 2012 
It’s Time to Upgrade
Commercial mortgage brokers  who work with hotel deals may spot a growing need for the financing of renovations in the market this year. Franchisees of hotel brands seem to be under growing press...
By Jon S. Wright, president and CEO, Access Point Financial Inc.; and Heather Duvall, senior vice president of business development, Access Point Financial Inc


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