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Articles about Reos


Residential | February 2015 
The Power of People
At its core, the mortgage industry is not about rates, real estate or regulation — it is about people. And for that reason, if you want to get a sense of what the industry might look like in the futur...
By Tim Ross, CEO, Ross Mortgage Corp.

Residential | February 2015 
Grow Your Business in the REO Space
Profitable niches can be found everywhere in the mortgage lending business. It takes time and energy to seek out a strong niche, but once identified, it can be a good source of ongoing business. Niche...
By Amy Bergseth, vice president of operations, Exceleras LLC

Residential | November 2008 
REOs Can Rev up Business
Origination volumes are suffering for many loan officers nationwide, and those who are still farming their old client base likely are getting few results. There's an emerging market, how...
By Shelley Kaye, president, REOMAC

Residential | October 2008 
Don’t Foreclose on Opportunity
Consumers and venture capitalists alike are looking for signs that the housing market will bottom out. Mortgage brokers who understand varying opinions on this, as well as the effect that foreclosur...
By Peter Hébert, author, Mortgaged and Armed

Residential | August 2008 
Getting on the REO-Insurance Wagon
Increasing delinquencies and foreclosures mean more real estate owned (REO) properties. These are properties that lenders acquire through the foreclosure process when borrowers default on their paym...
By Ed Babtkis, principal, Ross Diversified Insurance Services; and Mel Babtkis, principal, Ross Diversified Insurance Services

Residential | March 2008 
The Fixer-Upper Advantage
Many mortgage brokers are sitting on a great niche in their local finance market that could give them an advantage over their competition. That niche is investor-rehabilitation lending. T...
By Andrew J. Niesen, founder, RBA Capital

Residential | January 2008 
Target: Investors
Like many mortgage brokers, I can’t resist the urge to search the Internet for the latest count of the lenders who have closed or will soon close their doors. They’re disappearing overnight. ...
By David K. Lal, president , National Real Estate Council

Residential | August 2009 
Your Profit Prospects in a Distressed Market
Today's real estate market presents many opportunities to make large profits. Mortgage brokers can take advantage by gaining expertise and marketing themselves as a specialist in a particular area. ...
By Tom Duncan, Scotsman Guide Media, Inc

Residential | August 2013 
A Tale of Two Markets
Many mortgage originators tend to think of the commercial and residential mortgage markets as separate worlds, and they are different in several respects. The two markets do interact and affect each o...
By Rick Tobin, real estate financier, First Financial Bancorp

Commercial | June 2013 
Demystifying Distressed Deals
Cash purchases of bank-owned commercial assets — real estate owned (REO) properties — have been increasing recently. Potential investors who are acquiring these distressed properties at a fraction of ...
By Anita Huedepohl, founder and CEO, Liberty Funding

Commercial | June 2013 
Reaching Out for Value
As recovery takes hold across various property types in the commercial real estate market, commercial mortgage brokers may notice how lending institutions are striving to avoid errors of the past and ...
By Roger Beane, founder and CEO, LRES

Residential | July 2013 
Making the Most of Your REOs
Handling real estate owned properties (REOs) can be a drain on lenders’ human and financial capital. It is a difficult balancing act for mortgage bankers and lenders to manage REO expenses while also ...
By Michael H. Moreland, CEO, Moreland Financial LLC

Commercial | October 2010 
How to Make Sense of Lenders’ REO Options
Commercial mortgage brokers who understand lenders’ financial positions may find new ways to work with their lender partners and to drive their transaction business. One specific area on which brokers...
By Jeff Reibel, founder and CEO, Conexxus LLC

Commercial | June 2010 
Building Bridges in the REO Realm
Banks find themselves with an unprecedented number of foreclosures, real estate owned properties (REOs) and delinquent loans on their hands. These banks seek buyers who can pay cash or who have a line...
By Stephan Kachani, vice president of sales and marketing, Lone Oak Fund

Commercial | January 2010 
The Secret to Finding a Lender That Closes Quickly
Although many commercial mortgage borrowers and lenders are licking their wounds from a tumultuous couple of years, opportunistic real estate investors can benefit from the current market dislocation....
By Erik Stamell, managing director, Retail Capital


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