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Articles about Rural Development


Residential | July 2018 
Rural Areas Need New Homes and This Loan Can Help
With for-sale housing scarce — especially in some rural and semi-rural areas — many buyers want to build their dream homes now rather than wait for months or years for something to come on the market....
By Patrick Welberg, senior vice president, Academy Mortgage Corporation

Residential | September 2017 
Reducing Barriers to Homeownership
Although many believe the economy and the housing market have rebounded from the 2008 global financial crisis, numerous areas of the country will continue to experience housing challenges for years to...
By Danny Gardner, vice president of single-family affordable lending, Freddie Mac

Commercial | December 2006 
Raw-Land Loans: The Direct Route
In today’s commercial real estate market, money is definitely more fluid. But obtaining it can still be a challenge for brokers and borrowers when it comes to creative loans. In particula...
By Jeffrey Wolfer, president and CEO, Silver Arch Capital Partners

Residential | April 2006 
Taking the Country Road
In recent years, U.S. families have begun to reprioritize their lives. For some, this means relocating to the country. Today’s country-home buyers still want the amenities that a large city offers. ...
By Kathy Daily, president, American Farm Mortgage Co.

Commercial | June 2007 
Keeping Rural America Affordable
In 2006, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development financed the construction of more than 3,600 affordable apartments using three loan-guarantee programs. One of the fastest-growin...
By Michael Steininger, director of the multifamily-housing guaranteed-loan division, U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development

Commercial | July 2009 
Q&A: Colleen Fisher, Council for Affordable and Rural Housing
The nonprofit Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (CARH) advocates for rural-housing issues with a membership that includes builders, owners, property managers, developers and syndicators — i.e.,...
By Darrick Meneken, associate editor, Scotsman Guide Media




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