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Articles about Social Media


Residential | January 2015 
Broadening Your Network
The pace of the world gets faster and our professional resources constantly change, so it begins to get complicated figuring out and utilizing the best ways to network and market yourself. With so man...
By Chip Poli, founder and CEO, Poli Mortgage Group Inc.

Residential | December 2014 
Unmasking Your New Brand
Picture for a moment a job opportunity you wouldn’t want to pass up. Hold it up like a mask and look into an imaginary mirror. What would it look like? Perhaps it’s a chance to pioneer a nation...
By Ed Gosselin, vice president of mortgage lending, Guaranteed Rate

Residential | April 2009 
9 Ways to Make Social Media Work for You
The Internet has changed from being an information-based tool to one that is conversation-based. People are talking, researching, recommending and criticizing products, services and companies in all c...
By Marco Carbajo, owner and president, UCan2 Inc.

Residential | October 2014 
Make Your Expert Voice Heard
In the early years of the Internet, blogging was often viewed as an online diary — a fun thing not to be taken too seriously. Perhaps a college student studying abroad would write about experiences in...
By Victoria Araj, blog team leader, Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Commercial | October 2014 
Boost Your Business With Social Media
Staying connected to and interacting with potential borrowers and referral sources is a big part of succeeding as a mortgage professional. For commercial mortgage brokers, one of the most valuable too...
By Emily Landgraf, social media coordinator, APEX Mortgage Corp.

Residential | September 2014 
Getting Your Compliance Ducks in a Row
In today’s media-driven environment, it’s probably impossible to avoid your mortgage company’s exposure to social media. And why would you want to? Social media can be a powerful marketing tool. ...
By Daniella Casseres, attorney, Offit Kurman PA’s financial institutions-compliance practice group

Residential | September 2014 
A New Dimension for Your Marketing Efforts
If you’re a residential broker looking to expand your product offerings to include small commercial mortgages, marketing yourself appropriately will be a key factor in determining your success. You ...
By Emily Landgraf, social media coordinator, APEX Mortgage Corp.

Residential | September 2014 
Own Your Digital Space
Gone are the days of phonebook ads, local-newspaper ads, sign riders, direct mail and printed rate sheets as traditional mediums for loan originators to market themselves and their services. Although ...
By Mike Jensen, executive vice president of growth, Academy Mortgage Corp.

Residential | September 2014 
A recent tweet from the online mortgage lender Quicken Loans sounds more like a Martha Stewart tip than a sales pitch. “Give your year a midsummer refresher with these greenery elements,” ...
By Neal McNamara, chief reporter, Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | September 2014 
What’s In Your Name?
Sometimes the mere mention of a product or company name inspires consumer confidence, yet the name in and of itself has little, if any, significance. For example, a generic product such as facial ti...
By Anita Huedepohl, founder and CEO, Liberty Funding

Residential | June 2014 
Social Media Risks and Rewards
Smart businesses have always recognized that they need to be where their customers expect to find them. When it was clear that social media was here to stay, many mortgage companies created a social m...
By Janet E. Church, co-founder, Brandle Inc.; and Chip Roberson, founder and CEO, Brandle Inc.

Residential | June 2014 
Numbers Make for a Horror Story
When it comes to mortgage origination, bankers and brokers are inundated with numbers. Consider the amount of daily number crunching your business must contend with. Besides running credit scores, wei...
By Chad Jampedro, president and co-owner, GSF Mortgage Corp.

Residential | June 2014 
Focus on Faxing
The mortgage industry is facing a transitional time, with new regulations and a market downturn at the top of many originators’ minds. As mortgage companies look to trim their information-technology b...
By Tim Dubes, senior enterprise marketing manager, eFax Corporate, j2 Global Inc.

Residential | May 2014 
Add Technology to Traditional Customer Service
As we marvel at technology that evolves more quickly than many of us can keep pace with, the mortgage industry must not let the opportunities it offers to slip by. Mortgage professionals who are self-...
By Michael Mekler, mortgage adviser, Samuel Scott Financial Group

Residential | April 2014 
Finding Business in the Commercial Market
For residential mortgage brokers, business development in the commercial field may seem like a challenging prospect. At the same time, however, turning down commercial loan applications that come ac...
By Emily Landgraf, social media coordinator, APEX Mortgage Corp.


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