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Articles about Social Media


Residential | April 2014 
Finding Business in the Commercial Market
For residential mortgage brokers, business development in the commercial field may seem like a challenging prospect. At the same time, however, turning down commercial loan applications that come ac...
By Emily Landgraf, social media coordinator, APEX Mortgage Corp.

Residential | February 2014 
Honing in on the Right Advertising Strategy
As technology advances at a break-neck pace, mortgage professionals have ever-expanding options to promote their businesses. The question they should be asking: Are they getting enough bang for their ...
By Chip Poli, founder and CEO, Poli Mortgage Group Inc.

Residential | January 2014 
Boost the Value of Your Facebook Use
If you think your business is not ready for a global reach, think again. In today’s world, with virtually everyone “plugged in” to social media, there are few advertising outlets more topical, timely ...
By Audrey White, marketing manager, Poli Mortgage Group Inc

Residential | November 2013 
Take Yourself Out of the Conversation
Marketing isn’t a one-way street. Just like you don’t want to hear people only talking about themselves, you can’t expect to get others’ attention if all you do is brag about yourself and your service...
By Shaun Nilsson, co-founder, CityBlast

Residential | November 2013 
Sorting Through A Treasure Trove of Data
Since July 2011, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has received nearly 200,000 complaints made by customers against a wide range of financial organizations. Although this data withholds ...
By Steven J. Ramirez, chief executive officer, Beyond the Arc Inc.

Residential | November 2013 
Is Your Online Presence Delivering Results?
Unless you've been living under the proverbial rock for the past several years, you probably understand that social media — if used correctly — can be a powerful tool for your business. But with so ma...
By Casey Cunningham, chief executive officer and founder, XINNIX

Residential | November 2013 
Elevate Your Customer Service
Buying a home can be one of the most exciting experiences of a lifetime — and one of the most overwhelming, as well. Securing a mortgage can be a stressful endeavor for any homebuyer, particularly whe...
By Chip Poli, founder and CEO, Poli Mortgage Group Inc.

Residential | December 2013 
The Changing Face of E-mail Marketing
With the rise of social media, some have decreed that the decline of e-mail is here. Although social media has its place, it remains a less formal means of communicating with clients than more tr...
By Chip Poli, founder and CEO, Poli Mortgage Group Inc.

Residential | September 2013 
A Unique Brand Can Be Yours
As a mortgage originator, why should borrowers choose to do business with you? Is it because you are the best financial option, the best at your job or the closest in proximity? Most mortgage professi...
By Sarelyn Radecke, social media/marketing coordinator,; and Gretchen Wegrich, social media/marketing coordinator,

Commercial | September 2013 
Does Your Social Media Offer Real Value?
As social media proliferates throughout the real estate industry, an increased premium is being placed on the value of relevant content. The medium itself is no longer in dispute: Commercial mortgage ...
By James Huang, founder and partner, BRC Advisors

Residential | December 2012 
7 Tips for Crafting Online Newsletters
E-mail newsletters have become a popular approach to marketing, especially for small brokerages and banks. And why shouldn’t e-newsletters be popular? They’re inexpensive, easy to distribute and — the...
By Brian Rieger, principal, True Impact Communications

Residential | July 2013 
Take the Lead Online With LinkedIn
This past May, LinkedIn celebrated its 10th anniversary, and in those 10 years, it has grown to be a powerhouse of social media. Although its 225 million registered members pale in raw-number comparis...
By Ondar Tarlow, senior vice president and director of marketing, Impac Mortgage

Commercial | December 2010 
How to Be in 5 Places at the Same Time
One of the primary reasons mortgage brokers hesitate to integrate social media programs into their businesses is the perceived time it takes to start and maintain them. Who has the time to friend, lik...
By Carol M. Flammer, managing partner, mRELEVANCE LLC

Commercial | July 2010 
Get the Most from Social Media: 3 Tips
It seems as though everywhere you look, someone is writing about social media, talking about whether it is right for business or participating actively in it. Many mortgage companies, however, are sti...
By Mark Wallace, vice president of social media, EDR

Residential | January 2010 
Video Made the Marketing Star
Many people in the mortgage industry want to attract and retain a loyal client base using clever strategies that require virtually no marketing budget. Implementing Web 2.0 with video e-mails represen...
By Carl White, president, Time Mortgage


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