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Articles about Social Media


Commercial | October 2012 
4 Steps to Market Right
With generally positive sentiments about the availability of capital, many commercial mortgage brokers have begun to position themselves to capture a larger client base. To do so, they need to take a ...
By Judith Brower Fancher, CEO, Brower, Miller & Cole

Commercial | May 2012 
Online and Personal
Social media has become a virtual  necessity for commercial mortgage brokers and everyone else involved in the real estate industry. Despite its importance, however, social media should not repla...
By Houman Mahboubi, managing partner, BRC Advisors

Commercial | April 2012 
6 Tips to Get LinkedIn Right
Many LinkedIn users only scratch  the surface of what this social media platform has to offer. They may upload resumes, connect with those on their address books and mark LinkedIn as completed on...
By J.C. Kiadii, customer-liaison manager,

Commercial | January 2012 
Overcoming Challenges in Virtual Environments
There was once a time when arranging a loan involved dressing up and walking into lenders’ offices. All of the key players in the transaction would get together in person, hands extended and ready to ...
By Keri Williamson, manager of training and development, Digital Risk LLC

Commercial | January 2012 
Share Your Thinking, Not Your Contacts
Professionals across all industries strive to set themselves apart to adapt to the post-financial-crisis world. Commercial mortgage brokers also must differentiate themselves to succeed in a market wi...
By Margy Sweeney, principal, Akrete Communications

Commercial | January 2012 
Get Noticed without Breaking the Bank
Whether you are brand new to a brokerage, or simply trying to reach out to different client bases, it can be difficult to know how and where to spend limited marketing dollars. Conventional media...
By Blaise Dietz, managing director, The Cypress Organization LLC

Residential | June 2012 
Keep Pace with Social Media Changes
It can be all-too-common to hear people disparage the value of social media. Some may embrace new websites and networking opportunities, but others may believe that Facebook is a waste of time, that o...
By Shashank Shekhar, CEO, Arcus Lending

Residential | May 2012 
3 Tips for Inexpensive Marketing
When marketing in the mortgage industry, one of the main questions on the minds of brokers and originators is: How do you stay in front of people, generate leads and maintain lasting Realtor referral ...
By Merrick Pickens, director of public relations, Oak Mortgage Group

Residential | May 2012 
Embracing Social Media
Embracing social media as a key component of your company’s marketing strategy is quickly becoming as critical to success as traditional, outbound channels such as direct mail, telemarketing and trade...
By Patricia Reynard Hightower, CEO, Bayou Equity Mortgage

Residential | April 2012 
On Camera and Online
If a picture is a worth a thousand words, a short video must be worth a million words. For mortgage brokers and originators, including online videos in their marketing plans can allow their compani...
By Mike Cox, owner and host, Rates in Motion

Residential | March 2012 
5 Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook
Marketing through social media is essential in any industry, and the mortgage industry is no exception. Brokers and originators who do not engage in Facebook, for instance — or use it incorrectly — ar...
By Chip Poli, founder and CEO, Poli Mortgage Group Inc.

Residential | February 2012 
Keeping Pace with Internet-Savvy Consumers
In an age of free information and countless online financial tools, today’s Internet-savvy homebuyers are less willing to provide their contact information in exchange for a mortgage quote. If this tr...
By Adam Stein, CEO,

Residential | February 2012 
Adding Borrower Value Through Social Media
According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, there will be less than $1 trillion in loan originations in 2012. Considering that originations were approximately $3 trillion only a few years ago, the ...
By Rick Grant, principal, Rick Grant & Associates

Residential | January 2012 
Top 10 Tips for Working with Realtors
Savvy mortgage originators know that the key to a steady loan pipeline is forging relationships with top-performing real estate agents. If you are struggling to build and maintain relationships with R...
By Chip Poli, founder and CEO, Poli Mortgage Group Inc.

Residential | January 2012 
4 Steps to Mastering Social Media
Social media has become the standard for online marketing, and mortgage brokers and originators who are asking if and how their company should use it may already be behind. Much of the competition is ...
By Jarred Alexandrov, social media architect, REIC


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