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Residential | June 2018 
The Coming Reality of the Paperless Office
Pundits have been hailing the arrival of the paperless office since computers entered the workplace. Still, completely digital mortgage enterprises remain a rarity. Even absent a fully digital m...
By Alok Bansal, managing director, Visionet Systems Inc.

Residential | April 2018 
Going Green in the Mortgage Industry
Reduce, reuse and recycle. These are the key objectives for going green and making more environmentally friendly decisions. Reducing the use of paper may be the first thing most people think of in a b...
By Susan Graham, president and chief operating officer, Financial Industry Computer Systems Inc.

Residential | April 2018 
Leverage Modularity in Digital Lending
Each year, the mortgage industry comes ever closer to the fabled digital paperless mortgage. The desire for a fully digital-mortgage process is driven by the recognition that eliminating paper and red...
By Linn Cook, director of sales and marketing, LendingQB

Residential | March 2018 
Closing in on an eMortgage Standard
Establishing the eMortgage as a standard practice has long been a highly sought-after goal for the mortgage industry. Lately, there have been a lot of promising developments happening in the world of ...
By Harry Gardner, executive vice president of eStrategies, Docutech

Residential | March 2018 
Embrace Technology or Risk Being Replaced
Throughout history, advances in technology, and the subsequent impact and change to daily life that they affect, have caused humans a fair amount of angst and anxiety. This has been particularly true ...
By Stephanie W. Casper, senior vice president and head of bridge lending, CoreVest American Finance

Residential | December 2017 
What’s Holding Back E-Mortgages?
The call to digitize the mortgage process is louder than ever, and with the number of e-solutions available, there appear to be no obstacles preventing mortgage companies from executing at least a mos...
By Vicki DiPasquale, vice president of sales, Simplifile

Residential | December 2017 
Safeguarding Borrower Data
Over the past few years, the mortgage industry has had to adjust to new compliance regulations and transition accordingly. With the growing emergence of technology and big data in the mortgage applica...
By Kelcey T. Brown, chief strategy officer and executive vice president, WebMax LLC

Residential | October 2017 
The Search for an End-to-End Technology Solution
Technology in the mortgage business is constantly evolving. Still, the industry remains largely behind the technology curve. It is not for a lack of investment: Mortgage companies spend millions of do...
By Adam Thorpe, president and chief operating officer, Castle & Cooke Mortgage LLC; and Kyle Swensen, director of information technology (IT), Castle & Cooke Mortgage LLC

Residential | October 2017 
Implementation Requires a Steady Hand
One of the byproducts of an increasingly competitive landscape and the continuing rise in mortgage origination costs is the demand for timely, granular reporting. More often than not, older technologi...
By Ben Saunders, deployment manager, Bestborn Business Solutions

Residential | August 2017 
The eMortgage Makeover
Fans of home-makeover shows know how exciting it is to watch a mundane house get completely transformed into a showcase property worthy of Sunset magazine. This excitement is heightened by the fact th...
By Brenda B. Clem, eWarehouse director, Street Resource Group Inc.

Residential | July 2017 
Transcending Technology
In today’s digital era, almost every industry is looking to utilize technology to innovate their products, outperform their competitors and expand consumer outreach. Despite the necessity for technolo...
By Curt Tegeler, president and CEO, WebMax

Residential | May 2017 
The Divine Promise of Paperless
The introduction of Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty initiative this past October provided what Fannie Mae Chief Executive Officer Timothy J. Mayopoulos described in a press release as “a major step forwa...
By Seth Kronemeyer, vice president and vertical-marketing leader, Equifax Mortgage Services

Residential | May 2017 
Designing With Intention
When architects design a building, they try to balance the aesthetic appeal of the design with the purpose and function that makes the building useful. To accomplish this, architects design buildings ...
By Linn Cook, director of sales and marketing, LendingQB

Residential | April 2017 
Online Lending Is the Future
Whether you like it or not, almost everything today is about doing it faster, better, slicker. Even Olympians keep shattering records. You thought Carl Lewis was phenomenal. Enter Usain Bolt. T...
By Lionel Urban, president and CEO,

Residential | December 2016 
Modernizing Property Inspections
Financing or refinancing a residential property boils down to one fundamental question: What is it worth? It’s a simple question that is complicated to address because the answer is based on a variety...
By Jindou Lee, CEO, HappyCo


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