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Articles about Tax Credits


Residential | February 2019 
Work Magic for Your First-Time Homebuyers
This is one secret that needs to be revealed for first-time homebuyers. A mortgage credit certificate is an assistance program that saves a homeowner some serious money over the life of their mortgage...
By Tonya Todd, senior vice president of strategic products, Mountain West Financial Inc.

Commercial | April 2016 
Making Brownfields Bloom
Cleanup costs and lender worries can slow the redevelopment of contaminated waste sites, but commercial projects have played a key role in returning thousands of acres of once-polluted property to pro...
By Darin McClure, president , Mid-Atlantic Associates Inc.

Commercial | May 2005 
Data Makes the Difference in Portfolio Transfers
Commercial-mortgage lending and servicing is a volatile business. Economic changes in a particular statistical area can turn a promising marketplace into a secondor third-tier opportunity. Industry ...
By Lori Eshoo, president and chief executive officer, National Tax Search

Residential | January 2005 
Protecting Yourself Against IRS Penalties When Filing Form 1098
IRS Form 1098, titled “Mortgage Interest Statement,” is used primarily to report mortgage interest of at least $600 received from a borrower. The form also includes a box to report points paid on th...
By Stephen Hughes, Service Bureau Manager, 1099 Pro, Inc.

Commercial | November 2006 
Examining the Affordable Housing Market
Affordable housing that uses Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) through Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code has become much more than a niche play for the lending community. ...
By R. Lee Harris, CRE, CPM, president, Cohen-Esrey Real Estate Services Inc.

Commercial | February 2006 
If the Shoe Fits
Consider this scenario: The chief financial officer of a successful manufacturing company contacts her mortgage banker to discuss financing needs for her firm. The company has outgrown its current f...
By Kate Gallivan, head of strategy and product development, J.P. Morgan Property Exchange Inc.

Residential | April 2006 
Everybody’s Doing It — Should You?
Your friends are doing it. Your co-workers are doing it. You’ve gotten the calls, and you’ve thought about doing it. But you’ve never taken the leap. Whatever the reason for your hesitati...
By Kim Daugherty, senior account executive, KC Capital; and Jason W. Jones, account executive, KC Capital

Commercial | November 2007 
Rolling Back Taxes
The Forecast in lending is not good. Happily, there is a break in the clouds for commercial property-owners taking advantage of engineered-cost-segregation studies. Engineered cost segre...
By Andraya Bern, business-development director, AEON Capital Consultants

Commercial | October 2007 
Faster Write-Offs Are a Big Bonus for Some
Borrowers can increase cash flow by taking advantage of cost-segregation studies. If you don’t already, it’s worth it to tell your clients about the benefits of cost segregation. This adds value to ...
By CJ Aberin, senior manager, KBKG Inc.

Commercial | April 2007 
A Friend in the IRS?
The Internal Revenue Service allows for the transfer of real property to personal property by using a process called cost segregation. Commercial property-owners might be able to use this to capital...
By Jennifer Collie, affiliate, Commercial Property Consultants LLC; and Todd Williams, affiliate, Commercial Property Consultants LLC

Residential | November 2008 
First-Time-Homebuyer Tax Credit: Who it Helps
The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, passed in July, includes a first-time-homebuyer tax credit. Mortgage brokers should understand whether their clients are eligible for the tax credit, a...
By Randy Groover, president and CEO, Seascape Financial Group

Residential | October 2008 
The Other Side of the Tax Credit
The U.S. housing market continues to show signs of downturn. Many economists say this will continue until 2009 or 2010. In response, Congress recently passed legislation to try to strengt...
By Chan B. Masselink, president, Falls Mortgage LLC

Residential | October 2008 
Tax Credit Can Help Build Business
As part of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, first-time homebuyers will receive some tax incentives for purchasing a home. Specifically, the act implements a tax credit for first- time ...
By Gibran Nicholas, founder and chairman, CMPS Institute

Residential | February 2009 
Tapping the First-Time-Homebuyer Market
For many consumers, the  thought of buying their first home can be overwhelming. They’re constantly hearing about how terrible the housing market is and how getting a mortgage is becoming tougher than...
By Justin Lopatin, mortgage planner , American Street Mortgage Co.

Commercial | April 2014 
Taking Advantage of Brownfields Tax Credits
Although there is currently no national tax-incentive program for brownfields renewal in place, many states still offer valuable incentives or tax credits that encourage the remediation of contamina...
By Warren Kirshenbaum, founder and president, The Cherry-tree Group


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