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Articles about Technology


Commercial | October 2018 
Shadow IT Preys on Mortgage-Transaction Communications
To stay technologically protected, mortgage originators need to understand what cybersecurity threats look like within their industry. Specifically, they need to know what types of attacks are preval...
By Al Alper, founder and CEO, Absolute Logic

Residential | September 2018 
Data Powers Marketing Campaigns
Today’s borrower expects originators to understand how and when to communicate with them throughout their mortgage-shopping journey. As interest rates continue to rise and technology companie...
By Mike Eshelman, head of consumer finance, Jornaya; and Jeremy Bowling, national sales manager , Union Home Mortgage

Commercial | September 2018 
What Type of Marketer Are You?
Could there be a more ambiguous term than marketing? What exactly is marketing? Digital marketing, pay per click, Craigslist, door flyers, newspapers, billboards — the list goes on. How about ...
By Tyler Stone, founder and president, Capstone Financial

Commercial | September 2018 
Elevate and Adapt
As commercial mortgage brokers know, there is no current shortage of competition in the real estate financing industry. Regardless of your preferred niche, increased activity and additional opportunit...
By Erica LaCentra, director of marketing, RCN Capital

Commercial | September 2018 
Prepare for GSE Reform
The future direction of government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has been a hot-button topic for debate across the multifamily and commercial mortgage industry. Commercial re...
By Susan Graham, president and chief operating officer, Financial Industry Computer Systems Inc.

Residential | August 2018 
Harness the Power of Social Media
  Percentage of U.S. adults using social media sites: Source: Pew Research ...
By Siera Smith, vice president of operations, Webmax Digital Mortgage Solutions

Residential | August 2018 
Tech Divide Demands More Than a Band-Aid Fix
Until relatively recently, mortgage lenders and originators have had the luxury of operating with basically the same processes and consistent rules of business. That’s allowed many mortgage industry l...
By Mark McElroy, president and CEO, Pavaso

Residential | July 2018 
Blockchain Has Blockbuster Potential
Blockchain, the technology behind online cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, is attracting a lot of attention lately. Sierra Leone made history in March, for example, by being the first country to use b...
By James V. Luisi, chief information and chief technology officer, KeyStoneB2B

Residential | July 2018 
Be Prepared for the GSE Road Ahead
The federal tax overhaul passed late last year lowered the value of some tax-deferred assets on the books of government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. That, along with other ...
By Susan Graham, president and chief operating officer, Financial Industry Computer Systems Inc.

Commercial | July 2018 
Build a New Business Model
For decades, business owners who wanted to purchase a commercial property picked up the phone and placed a call to their local bank. You might remember when phones had round dials instead of buttons a...
By Christopher Hurn, founder and CEO, Fountainhead Commercial Capital

Commercial | July 2018 
Alternative Financing Is Rising
An increasing number of commercial mortgage brokers and borrowers are looking to nonbank lenders to fund their transactions. A survey conducted by Money360 earlier this year at the 2018 Mortgage...
By Gary Bechtel, president, Money360

Residential | July 2018 
Virtual Reality Can Boost Originator-Recruiting Efforts
When attempting to attract top talent, mortgage companies and other businesses put on display their culture, key people, community involvement and the benefits of their workplaces. What can set your m...
By Jeff Jensen, past president, Washington Mortgage Bankers Association

Residential | June 2018 
Online Lending Comes of Age
  Key Points The alternative-lending landscape ...
By Robert Greenberg, chief marketing officer, Patch of Land

Residential | June 2018 
The Coming Reality of the Paperless Office
Pundits have been hailing the arrival of the paperless office since computers entered the workplace. Still, completely digital mortgage enterprises remain a rarity. Even absent a fully digital m...
By Alok Bansal, managing director, Visionet Systems Inc.

Commercial | June 2018 
The Quest for a Common Digital Language
Much of the appeal of investing in commercial real estate is that it is a tangible asset. For many lenders, buyers and commercial mortgage brokers assessing multifamily properties, however, what is ev...
By Elliot Vermes, founder, redIQ


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