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Articles about Technology


Residential | November 2012 
Is SaaS Right for Your Company?
Hosted solutions, also known as software as a service (SaaS), enable software to be delivered over the Internet, and its popularity and benefits are well documented. In fact, according to research fro...
By Bob Webb, vice president of sales, Pipkins Inc.

Residential | November 2012 
Meet Your New Assistant
Sometimes, the life of a mortgage broker can feel like the life of a nomad. You’re constantly tasked with driving around and meeting clients, seeing properties and negotiating with lenders. For many m...
By Mike Pugh, vice president of marketing, j2 Global Inc.

Residential | November 2012 
The Rise of Mortgage Rate Tables
Veterans of the mortgage industry probably can remember a time when effective lead generation involved little more than picking up the phone. When there were more borrowers eager to purchase homes or ...
By Doug Foral, director of operations, Mortech Inc.

Residential | November 2012 
Mine Your Data to Build Your Brand
Hidden in many companies’ websites and databases are gold mines of information that could build their brands. By turning client surveys and local-market information into usable — and reportable — data...
By Steve Cook, managing editor, Real Estate Economy Watch and UPI Real Estate

Residential | November 2012 
Tackling Technology Challenges
Although mortgage professionals can be resilient, creative people in many respects, it’s often the case that mortgage technology can be a baffling subject for some within the industry. Companies that ...
By Wade Brantley, managing director, SaM Solutions

Residential | December 2012 
Don't Ride the Roller Coaster of Originations
Most mortgage originators have heard colleagues complain about earning good commissions one month only to be followed by little to nothing the next, and this seems to repeat month after month. This ro...
By Rich Leffler, director of training/senior instructor, AxSellerated Development

Residential | December 2012 
A New Twist for an Old Friend
Fax machines have come a long way since the 1970s, when sending a single page could take 10 minutes or longer. Today, faxing documents are a vital part of doing business in the mortgage and lending in...
By Kyle Flowers, director of marketing, fax products, j2 Global Communications Inc.


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