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Articles about Crowdfunding


Residential | June 2018 
Online Lending Comes of Age
  Key Points The alternative-lending landscape ...
By Robert Greenberg, chief marketing officer, Patch of Land

Commercial | June 2018 
Emerge With An Alternative
In the latter innings of this current economic cycle, as capitalization rates for acquisition deals are pushed down and, consequently, higher-leverage loans are in greater demand, prospective borrower...
By Bill Lanting, vice president of commercial debt originations, RealtyShares

Residential | January 2018 
Always Search for the Best Option
Real estate investors have more options for financing than ever before. Although most fix-and-flippers use cash to purchase and renovate their investment properties, many use conventional mortgages an...
By Robert Greenberg, chief marketing officer, Patch of Land

Commercial | October 2016 
The Slow and Steady Advance of Technology
Key Points Loan-origination technology Computer-based advances have helped create a large second...
By Kellen Jones, CEO and co-founder, FundingDatabase

Residential | July 2016 
Credit Surprises Dim Homeowners’ Dreams
With the reduction of credit availability following the housing crisis, it is no surprise that U.S. consumers have been investigating alternative lending options. Home equity loans have stricter guide...
By Alisa Glutz, licensed mortgage banker, Cherry Creek Mortgage Co. Inc.

Commercial | July 2016 
Playing by Different Lending Rules
With the emergence of online real estate investment trusts, digital marketplaces and crowdfunding platforms, private lending and private equity are colliding as never before. Some companies turn to pr...
By Kellen Jones, CEO and co-founder, FundingDatabase

Residential | May 2016 
Marketplace Lending Works Best With a Human Touch
 At a Glance ...
By Valentin Saportas, co-founder and CEO, MortgageHippo

Commercial | December 2015 
Overseas Investors Join the Crowd
In turbulent overseas markets, especially China, investors are eager to hold fixed-income investments and hard assets, including U.S. commercial real estate properties and securities. Where do they fi...
By Scott Picken, founder and CEO, Wealth Migrate

Residential | December 2015 
Crowdfunding Is the New Normal
  Definition Crowdfunding ...
By Jason Fritton, CEO and co-founder, Patch of Land

Commercial | August 2015 
Crowdfinance Opens New Vistas
New crowdfinance real estate platforms are bringing speed, access and liquidity to the highly desired but traditionally slow and closed commercial real estate investment industry. Crowdfinance is an e...
By Haider Nazar, CEO, LendZoan

Commercial | December 2014 
Take Crowdfunding to the Bank
The recent financial crisis and the disruption it caused in the commercial mortgage market paved the way for new sources of capital to enter the industry — ones that are more flexible in their lending...
By Elizabeth Braman, chief production officer, Realty Mogul




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