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Articles about Blogging


Residential | February 2019 
Choose the Marketing Roads Less Traveled
The bigger mortgage companies already are in these spaces promoting their mortgage products. Fewer independent mortgage originators are promoting their services on these platforms. That’s an opp...
By Nathan Rufty, mortgage coach and trainer, Mortgage Marketing Pros

Commercial | December 2015 
Branch Out With a Blog
You never know where your company’s blog and related social media efforts will take you. They can set the stage for introductions to new people and new industry ideas, establish you as an authority on...
By Chris Panebianco, chief marketing officer, Bankers Healthcare Group (

Residential | December 2015 
Blogging Is a Tool for Engaging Homebuyers
Would average customers stop by their banks’ websites regularly to see what’s good to read? Lender websites and social media pages are primarily havens for ultra-safe articles that simply are not very...
By Gren Blackall, banking consultant

Residential | December 2014 
Unmasking Your New Brand
Picture for a moment a job opportunity you wouldn’t want to pass up. Hold it up like a mask and look into an imaginary mirror. What would it look like? Perhaps it’s a chance to pioneer a nation...
By Ed Gosselin, vice president of mortgage lending, Guaranteed Rate




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