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Articles about Mortgage Rates


Residential | August 2019 
Market Squeeze Pushes Smaller Players to Breaking Point
It’s a watered-down version of the veiled threat lobbed by parents at rambunctious children tearing through homes across the country every day. If you’re not careful, something’s going to break. ...
By Jeremy Sopko, co-founder and CEO, Nations Lending Corp.

Residential | February 2019 
It’s a Housing-Market Slowdown, Not a Bust
All things must pass. For five years now, the housing-market story has been a story of strong demand and limited supply. Now, demand has been abated by unrelenting price gains, higher mortgage ra...
By Ralph DeFranco, global chief economist of the mortgage group, Arch Capital Services Inc.

Residential | January 2019 
Hybrid-ARM Rates Need Some Attention
Interest rates have been so low for so many years that, until recently, fixed-rate mortgages were chosen by almost all homebuyers. With home prices still increasing and mortgage rates up almost ...
By Dick Lepre, senior loan adviser, RPM Mortgage

Residential | January 2019 
Questions, Not Worries, Abound in the Housing Market
Hard money borrowers who work in the residential arena generally either buy and hold property to sell later or fix and flip assets as soon as possible. Originators who work with these borrowers should...
By Robert Greenberg, chief marketing officer, Patch of Land

Residential | August 2017 
Originator’s Guide to Loan Pricing
Do you remember the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”? At the core of the story — written long before smart phones and tablets — was an incredibly useful, incredibly simple hand-held electronic guide...
By Don Brown, managing director of secondary services, Optimal Blue

Residential | June 2017 
Revealing the Secondary Market
As a loan originator or branch manager, you deal with the primary market — selling and processing mortgages for borrowers — as a matter of course. On the other hand, the less familiar secondary market...
By Bob Selingo, senior vice president of secondary marketing, Waterstone Mortgage Corp.

Residential | June 2017 
The Secrets of Mortgage Pricing
For many originators today, mortgage pricing has always been automated and presented to them by their company’s pricing engine. Older originators may remember the days when lines of fax machines pumpe...
By Tammy Butler, CEO, Fair Lending Diversity Inc.

Residential | May 2017 
Bring Back the Buy-Down
Prior to the mortgage meltdown, “buying down” the interest rate — or paying points to refinance — was commonplace in the industry. Over the past decade, however, there has been a shift, with bor...
By Aron Rofer, president and general counsel, Power Choice Mortgage Advisors

Residential | May 2017 
The One-Two Punch to Rising Rates
Like practically every other sector of the U.S. economy, the housing industry can expect significant changes in the face of new economic pressures this year. Two big topics defining the country’...
By Kasey J. Marty, executive vice president, Guaranteed Rate

Residential | November 2016 
The Joy of Interest Rate Forecasting
At a GlanceBasel III, an international regulatory framework for banksBasel III is a comprehensive set of reform measures, developed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, to strengthen the reg...
By Amy Crews Cutts, chief economist, Equifax

Residential | July 2016 
Look to the Great White North
Millions of Canadian snowbirds travel to the United States every year to escape the harsh Canadian winter and enjoy amenities like beaches, golf, dining and more. Often those individuals rent property...
By Alain Forget, director of U.S. business development, RBC Bank

Residential | December 2015 
Here Come Cross-Border Sales
Canadians invest millions of dollars in United States properties each year and represent a large portion of foreign homebuyers in the U.S. In fact, between April 2014 and March 2015, Canadians account...
By Alain Forget, director of U.S. business development, RBC Bank




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