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Articles about Construction Loans


Residential | July 2019 
Stock Up With a Full Set of Loan Options
In this challenging home-purchase market, mortgage originators need all available tools in their toolkit to be able to meet every client’s unique needs and circumstances. Although the favorable i...
By Bill Packer, executive vice president and chief information officer, American Financial Resources Inc.

Commercial | March 2019 
Navigate the Paper Shuffle of Financing
The United States is considered one of the largest construction markets in the world, with the construction industry serving as a major contributor to the nation’s economy. It is estima...
By Garry Barnes, director, PW Partners Consultancy

Residential | December 2018 
Renovation Loans: The Next Great Niche?
Sure, you’re a mortgage originator, but what’s stopping you from helping your clients line up a loan for a new pool or helping them arrange financing to buy and completely renovate a drab old home? Or...
By Jeff Leinan, executive vice president, Plaza Home Mortgage

Commercial | December 2018 
Get the Lowdown on CDC 504 Financing
Constructing a building can be a huge financial undertaking for a small business, an undertaking that many business owners believe is out of their reach. If they realized this could be accomplished th...
By Kurt Chambliss, executive vice president, TMC Financing

Commercial | December 2016 
Construction Lending Pulls Back
In many cities across the country, cranes sprung up along the skyline and city blocks were cleared as apartment developers geared up their production efforts in the wake of the recession. This high le...
By Dave Borsos, vice president of capital markets, National Multifamily Housing Council




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