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Buying a Home: A Checklist of 6 Things You Must Know

by  | Dissertation Works
Posted:     Updated: Dec 1, 2018  1:49 ET
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Buying a home or a car is one of the major investments you make in your life. Therefore, you need to be very careful when you put your money on these two high budget items. Just as you would inspect everything in a car before buying it, you need to check the crucial things before you make a deal for a home.

So if you are a novice in buying a home, we bring here a list of some warning signs you must know to avoid making a bad deal. The list is compiled from the research by the major dissertation writing service UK.

1.Check the Home History

Before you proceed in a home deal, you should first check out its history and make sure that there is nothing that looks fishy. Start by checking the documents of the house and make sure it meets the legal requirements of the country.

Similarly, you need to sit down with the homeowner and ask him about any major repair and renovations he has done in the home. You should also ask him about the plumbing and sewerage history which are two crucial things in a home. Make sure that all these things meet your requirements.

2.Find Out Any Area That Requires Repairs

Once you have discussed the history with the homeowner, you need to check yourself the different portions of the home and find out any area that requires repairs or maintenance. In the event when you find a major maintenance work, you can ask the owner to make the repair or give some reduction in the price.

3.Scrutinize the Plumbing Work

The plumbing is the most tactical job in a home as it ensures a smooth flow of water through pipes and sewerage. Therefore, you should make sure if the sanitation is working well and drain pipes are in sound condition. In addition, you need to check the tanks for any damage.

4.Look For the Renovated Parts of the Home

If any part of the home looks as if it has been recently renovated then it could be a sign that the homeowner has done repairs to hide the flaws in the home. Therefore, you need to pay particular attention to these areas and make sure that there is nothing fishy behind those renovated part. Don’t feel shy to ask the owner about anything that looks suspicious.

5.Check For Uneven Floor

Ascertain the floors that are not smooth as it insinuates that the floor has been poorly constructed or some work has been done. To make sure that the floor is even, you should bring a marble and put it on different parts of the floor and see if the floor is equal.

6.Look Into the Roof

The roof is another area that can give you clue about the health of the home. An uneven or bumpy roof is a sign of a poorly constructed home. Often a bumpy roof is a result of a weak RCC and it becomes leaky if water flows over it. So you can easily test out the roof by splashing some water over the roof and check if leaks the water.

Buying a home is one of the costliest affairs that require a big investment of money. Therefore, if you want to buy the right home, you need to take into consideration these expert guidelines.

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Buying a Home: A Checklist of 6 Things You Must Know

by Lauren Muntz | Dissertation Works
Posted: Dec 1, 2018  1:45 ET    Updated: Dec 1, 2018  1:49 ET

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