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6 Tried And Tested Tips to Add Motion Graphics in Website Design

by  | Vervelogic
Posted:     Updated: Mar 16, 2019  0:53 ET
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Motion graphics are setting the right impression about a brand amongst customers. They are helpful in communicating a narrative with the integration of visual elements which would otherwise go unnoticed. If you are searching for a creative way to add a touch of uniqueness to your website, then it’s time that you start taking motion graphics seriously.

Here’re a few tips to add an appealing look to your web design through motion graphics:

Define Your Goals:

You need to be clear behind the intention of creating a motion graphics. Is it merely a product description or a narrative? Define a specific goal and adhere to it throughout the designing process.

Impact of Visuals:

Generally, motion graphics are designed to create brand awareness amongst people. Two essential factors in motion graphic are the design as well as the animation which bring two creative and innovative minds together. Experts from a well-established web application development company in India suggest that brainstorming is a great way to put innovations on table by the teams of designers and animators. The way the video is perceived by the viewers can determine your success. It is this perception or feeling that will persuade them to take a call-to-action. When two teams work jointly, there is a great deal of brainstorming. When you are deciding on a motion graphics, take care of the primary objective and the message or tone.


Without understanding the vital information, it is a little difficult to narrate a story. Use infographics to be more clear in your message. When you are not employing the right types of visuals, the art of storytelling seems challenging. This is exactly where motion graphics come to your rescue. It enables you to put your ideas and thoughts in a platter of storytelling without troubling people with a lot of visual messages.

Use Web Safe Colors:

On different platforms, the appealing colors of your motion graphics may tend to distort. A top web application development company in India lays emphasis on using the web-safe colours to showcase the right image of the design on all types of devices.

Pay Heed to Download Time:

If you have not put the efforts and time in optimizing the download time, then instead of decreasing, your bounce rates shall increase. The time it takes your site to load can either break or make your customers. Visitors are fond of fast running websites that load in a matter of seconds. Seek the assistance of an experienced web development Application Company in India to create a pleasant experience for your users.

Focus on Branding and visuals:

Branding is a wider term than you may think. It comprises of every activity you do in the virtual and the physical world. A design is a brand message that you intend to deliver to your customers. It is surprising that many brands do not realize the significance of visuals. There is no denying the fact that inspiration plays a key role in the process of designing. Seldom, even the experts do not comprehend as what they are trying to build out of their motion graphics. In such situations, try to come up with a small idea and transform it into something beautiful and impressive.

Also, there is no point in opting for motion graphics if the other elements like the static ones can meet its purpose. Wish you a great luck for your endeavours.

Looking for a top-notch quality web application development company in India? We are already here. Connect with us immediately.

Topics: Commercial business development
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6 Tried And Tested Tips to Add Motion Graphics in Website Design

by Alex joseph | Vervelogic
Posted: Mar 16, 2019  0:53 ET    Updated: Mar 16, 2019  0:53 ET

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