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Top 3 Business Development Strategies In Canada?

by  | Porto&SE
Posted:     Updated: Apr 10, 2019  16:39 ET
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Looking to establish a business away home is a mentally tiring job. To help you we have come across the top three business development strategies in Canada for college students looking for a cheap way to be a successful entrepreneur and make an earning with online writing. It has helped many brilliant minds make a living with their skills.

For non-Canadians, it may seem near impossible to start a business. But, you will be able to do it if you follow the required strategies and stick to your ambition. Here are a few business development strategies to consider when offering writing services in Canada.

Business development strategies to follow

  • Have an Official Website
  • Spread the Word
  • Free Samples

1. You may have to invest a little to start your dream online business. To start with try to have an official website with complete information about the kind of services a college-going student can expect from you. Highlight the key services and also include contact information with a call of action. This will allow students to easily contact you. There are many ways to start a website. If you have pre-learned skills, you can do it yourself by buying the desired domain and a hosting plan. You can also seek professional help and hire someone to set up a website to fulfill your needs.

2. Once you have set up the website it is time to promote and market it to the fullest. Try to contact as many numbers of students as you can. You can use social networking sites for the promotion or even ask for a backlink on sites that offer services similar to your niche. For instance, if you run an essay writing service company which can write an essay or any other paperwork you can approach the website of for the backlink with anchor text like help write essay and more. Backlinks are a great way to get traffic to your website and turn visitors into customers. There are other online tools that you can use to promote the website such as blogger, WordPress, Medium and more.

Canada is one place where the demand for the essay writing services is really great. You can get lots of queries from college as well as university students. In blogs use keywords that are most likely to be clicked like ‘essay writing’, Canada essay writing’ and more. Keywords are the words that are most searched online. To know the keywords that are more relevant to your website type in the services that you intend to offer and Google will show up the most searched queries in the drop down of the search bar.

3. Your prospective customers may be interested in reading your previous work. Showcasing free samples that show your writing skills at par is a great way to win trust and establish goodwill in the market. You can also include quick contact details and encourage the visitors to contact you for any query if they need. Many businesses fail to flourish as they do not showcase samples highlighting the skills they are master at.

You can showcase the work in any of the formats. For instance, you can have it ready as a PDF attachment, in a separate blog or page, on the home page of the website or under the service section. You can also have a testimonial of your previous customers published on the website. The testimonial is also a great way to win the trust of the customers.


The aforementioned are the best strategies to place to enjoy a flourishing business in Canada. Online writing services are one of the services that anyone can absolutely offer to college going students. In Canada, students study while taking up a part-time job to pay for their college fee. They are left with a little time to focus on assignments. These students often look for cheap academic writing services.

Hence, starting an online writing service to help these students can prove to a successful business. However, while setting up the business do not forget to have testimonials of your previous customers published on your website for a reliable and long-term customer. Always try to offer the best service if you really want your business to excel in the Canadian market.

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Top 3 Business Development Strategies In Canada?

by Lester Agaphi | Porto&SE
Posted: Apr 10, 2019  16:38 ET    Updated: Apr 10, 2019  16:39 ET

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