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Top 4 Books Every College Student Should Read

by  | Corporate
Posted:     Updated: Apr 11, 2019  9:39 ET
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If you clicked on this title looking for your favorite classics and a validation for your reading habits, you are at the wrong place. Here you will not find you usual Shakespeares, Twains, Dostoevskys, Brontës and whatnot. We came up with a brief yet powerful list of a few books which might be considered classics, but fly under the radars of the usual literature aficionados.

1.A Farewell to Arms – Ernest Hemingway.

Let's kick things off with something vaguely familiar - A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway. Yes, the great Hemingway is not unknown to the general public, but it seems like his timeless A Farewell to Arms usually gets ignored when it comes to the must-reads.

Set during the Italian campaign of World War I, this book follows the seemingly usual wartime story of an American ambulance driver who falls in love with a British nurse. However, the significance of the books lies in between the lines. Namely, using vivid and deep descriptions, Hemingway masterfully portrays the horrors of war, the insignificance of life in the insanity of armed conflict, the struggles of love and normalcy in the face of evil, and the randomness of fate. If you've missed this great read thus far, be sure to add it to your list!

2.Slaughterhouse-Five – Kurt Vonnegut.

Moving forward, we have the piercing Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut. Although Slaughterhouse-Five is considered one of the most influential anti-war novels of all times, the work of Kurt Vonnegut is usually perceived as an "acquired taste" and readers usually steer away from his deeply philosophical science-fiction. Inspired by the horrors of the bombing of Dresden during World War II, the book follows the "unconventional" life of Billy Pilgrim, a war veteran, who is physically and/or psychologically detached from time and space.

Writing a review on this book can present itself as a wonderful and fulfilling experience. And if you need some help with it, this helpful source is always at your service.

3.Isaac Asimov: The Complete Stories – Isaac Asimov.

Third on the list - an author rather than a book - Isaac Asimov. We highly recommend his most unabridged collection of short stories Isaac Asimov: The Complete Stories, with his timeless short story/novella The Last Question. Mixing science, philosophy, politics and religion, Asimov is a master of developing a plot which stretches over billions of millennia, making the readers understand their insignificance in the grand scheme of things, only to return them back to their social basics - religion.

4.Barrel Fever - David Sedaris.

Now, something a little bit more cheerful (just a little bit) - last but not least on the list, we have Barrel Fever by the one and only David Sedaris. In his magnificent mosaic of short stories, Sedaris fully applies his unparalleled witty humor, satire, irony, sarcasm, parody and whatnot.

In Sedaris' world everybody is a target and nothing is sacred. The stories, although entailing themes and motives from everyday life, have a unique perspective, jokingly probing our perception of the world even in the grimmest of situation (don’t miss The Last You'll Hear from Me!). Self-awareness and consciousness, family matters, friendships, romantic relationships, social behavior, etc. - prepare to witness the total annihilation of these concepts and the birth of new, uncharted ones.

Do you agree with our list? Have you read the books on our list? Do you find the analysis of hard to follow?

Topics: Residential education | Commercial education
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Top 4 Books Every College Student Should Read

by EduBirdie | Corporate
Posted: Apr 11, 2019  9:39 ET    Updated: Apr 11, 2019  9:39 ET

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