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How to Design a Research Assignment

by  | AU.Edubirdie
Posted:     Updated: Apr 19, 2019  2:56 ET
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Designing a research isn’t simple. Research design includes all procedures and methods used to collect, measure, and analyze the data as specified by the research question. A research design defines the type of the paper. Everything you do in the research assignment will depend on its plan and design. In other words, a design of a research assignment is the framework that serves to answer all the research questions.

Types and Sub-Types of Research Design

Research designs come in various types and forms. Some of the most popular distinctions between these designs include:

  • Descriptive - surveys, observation, and case studies
  • Semi-experimental – quasi-experiment, field experiment, etc.
  • Experimental
  • Correlational – observational or case-control studies
  • Review – systematic or literature review
  • Meta-analytic

Another distinction is the one between flexible and fixed design. A given paper might combine two or more types of research, such as qualitative and quantitative designs, or be focused on just one. A fixed design study presents a single research approach toward a given research question and in most cases, is theory-driven.

The most popular distinction is probably the one between exploratory and confirmatory research.

Exploratory Research

Exploratory research looks for explanations and relations between two or more variables. In the case where the writer has no specified hypotheses before the research begins, the study is considered exploratory. This type of research is less stringent and restricted in terms of discoveries. Here, the researcher can look at different options and probabilities without focusing on methods to support a chosen viewpoint or confirm a set hypothesis.

Confirmatory Research

Confirmatory research starts with a set hypothesis or hypotheses. Before any research or analysis is performed and conducted, the author presents his predictions about the outcome. With set hypotheses, the author has a very direct, much specified goal in mind. That being said, the writer has to focus on the given hypotheses and confirm or reject them through research.

How to Design Your Assignment

If you’re new to this or need some help with a complex research assignment, hire an expert from EduBirdie. But, if you decide to do everything on your own, here’s a short guide you should follow.

Before you write any assignment, your task as a student is to plan the process. To carry out the research as is expected from you, you must follow very strict and detailed instructions and create a clear structure. This can’t possibly be achieved without a good plan or an outline in place.

So, before you start working on the research design and the research itself, you need to plan for everything. First, plan the type of research you are going to perform. Then, see if you have enough access to data that you’ll need during the research process. And finally, find various approaches toward the research process, as well as methods you’ll use to find the data you need for the study.

All of this will take a toll on you. That’s why you’ll need to also plan the time you would spend on each of the research processes, as well as plan for the writing part that follows. Finally, you should set some time aside for editing and proofreading.

Research papers might not be very lengthy, but they definitely require a lot. In addition to writing and editing content, you are expected to also design the research assignment you are given. The guide and tips above should help you with this.

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  1. Posted: Apr 23, 2019  9:07 ET
    By: Jeorge Waters | 1983
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Writing assignments sometimes are so hard to complete properly. At least you can get help if you need. I am really glad that such services exist.


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How to Design a Research Assignment

by AU Edubirdie | AU.Edubirdie
Posted: Apr 19, 2019  2:56 ET    Updated: Apr 19, 2019  2:56 ET

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