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How Proofreading Can Improve Your Writing

by  | Corporate
Posted:     Updated: May 8, 2019  9:02 ET
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Why is proofreading important? Proofreading your paper is the determining factor of your success or failure. It will determine whether your essay is praised and read by people or rejected. Everyone wants his or her works to be read and remembered by many people.

But how many students proofread their work before submitting? Only a handful. The effort you put forth in writing should also be applied when proofreading. Writing proofreading is not something you do for fun. It’s an essential ingredient for you to get good grades.

Before Proofreading

Before you start proofreading, it’s important for you to revise your work. Go through you work a couple of times. Also, edit your work. Editing allows you to develop, organize and connect your ideas.

As you do your revision, you’ll probably come across sections that you’ll be unsatisfied with. You can add more facts or arguments relevant to your topic. Remember to save your work after making these adjustments. Once the flow of your paper is on point, you can start proofreading it. Proofreading involves correcting punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors.

Importance of Proofreading Your Work

  • Proofreading gives you a chance to fix spelling and grammatical errors. These errors tend to distract and irritate your readers. With the rapid advancement of technology, you can easily proofread your work today using spelling checkers. However, always proofread your work manually before using spelling checkers because most of them cannot detect misused words.
  • Proofreading allows you to analyze your citations and references. Placing your citations properly using Edubirdie and formatting your work according to the guidelines of your institution will greatly improve your chances of success. Most students never look at their references and citations twice.
  • Proofreading your work will give you the chance to do away with vague words. The use of vague words shows a lack of facts or evidence in your paper. They also show the level and experience of the writer. In most cases, inexperienced writers use vague words.

Proofreading Tips

  • Print your work. It’s quite difficult for most people to detect errors from the computer screen. Printing your work will make it easier for you to read and adjust your document.
  • Read your paper loudly. Reading your paper loudly will enable you to detect errors that your eyes have missed. A misplaced punctuation can change the entire meaning of a sentence. Reading your work loudly will also help in enhancing the flow of your paragraphs.
  • Work with your colleagues. Having a study partner will definitely make your work easier. You can exchange each other’s papers and give feedback. You can also think of better ideas to write or proofread your papers together. By having a study partner, you’ll share materials and resources that will help you write and perform better.


Never submit your work without proofreading it thoroughly. This means that you should start working on your paper as early as possible to avoid missing deadlines or submitting without proofreading. Students who proofread their work thoroughly always get good grades and their work gets read by many people.

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How Proofreading Can Improve Your Writing

by EduBirdie | Corporate
Posted: May 8, 2019  9:01 ET    Updated: May 8, 2019  9:02 ET

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