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Writing An Effective Persuasive Speech

by  | 5StarEssays
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Writing a speech is an art and requires more than just knowing your way around words --- lucky for you it can be learnt.

Persuasive speech as the name suggests is there to persuade the audience to agree with the speaker’s point of view. The speaker gets them to believe that his opinion is the right one. This again is done by presenting convincing and solid evidence to back the argument. Persuasive speech papers serve best to give a speaker new ideas to address the audience.

Here are few steps to write an effective speech:

Choosing a topic, you are passionate about and find interesting will make the research phase not seem like work.

Be specific when it comes to choosing your topic and narrow it down to a single thing. A good speech talks about a particular topic as it is manageable and understandable for the audience as well.

Know their level of knowledge and information related to demographics (age, country, career level, etc.); this will allow you to connect with them in a better way.

Organise your speech and make an outlines highlighting these main points. This will enable you to have everything under control leaving no room for panic and chaos.

Conclude your speech with a call-to-action, encourage the audience to find out more about the topic. Tell them how they can participate in finding out the solution to your mentioned problem.

In the end, adopt a habit of regular practice to groom your speaking and writing skills.

Topics: Residential education | Commercial education
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Writing An Effective Persuasive Speech

by David Baker | 5StarEssays
Posted: May 11, 2019  5:05 ET

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