Industry Watch: UWM expands Investor Flex eligibility and more

Payroll connectivity platform Argyle announced that its integration is now built on the latest Encompass Partner Connect API platform and available through ICE Mortgage Technology. With the integration of Argyle, lenders will have access to consumer-permissioned income and employment data via Argyle’s secure connections directly to the payroll source. This data can be requested directly in the Encompass platform and imported to borrower files.

United Wholesale Mortgage expanded eligibility for its Investor Flex DSCR loan program by allowing borrowers to close in a limited liability company (LLC). Initially launched in March 2022, Investor Flex allows borrowers to qualify for investment properties based on prospective monthly rental income of the subject property rather than personal income. The new enhancement allows borrowers who seek to expand their real estate portfolios an additional option to separate their personal properties and their investment properties.

CoreLogic announced enhancements to its AutomatIQ borrower verification of employment and income suite. In addition to the existing verification options offered by CoreLogic — work number and manual verification — CoreLogic added two additional options in Experian Verify and Borrower Assisted Payroll. Experian Verify offers instant access to income and employment information from the credit-reporting company’s network of payroll and proprietary employer data. Borrower Assisted Payroll, meanwhile, enables the consumer to input their payroll credentials on a vendor website, allowing the vendor to quickly verify employment or income.


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