The story of WeWork has yet to find an ending

It’s rare that the staid world of commercial real estate is rocked by a sexy scandal that captures the public’s imagination. But that’s what happened with the troubled coworking business WeWork. The subject of at least two books that was also mythologized in a Hulu documentary, WeWork — which at one point was estimated to […]

International Investments: Bahrain

Geographically tiny but financially mighty, Bahrain keeps on keeping on when it comes to investing in U.S. commercial real estate. Bahraini investors deployed $982.7 million into 30 U.S. properties during the year ending in second-quarter 2023, according to MSCI Real Assets. Per MSCI data, this dollar amount ranked No. 8 among foreign sources of capital […]

Robust multifamily completions keep rent growth in check

It wasn’t too long ago that pundits were opining about whether the historically high inflation being observed in the U.S. economy was transitory. As everyone soon learned, inflation was not transitory and the Federal Reserve was behind the curve in taming it. Consider that the yearly growth in the Consumer Price Index was 8.5% in […]