Industry Watch: Another data breach, Rocket shutters Rocket Pro Originate program and more

The rash of lending industry data breaches continues, with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation filing notice of an incident with the Attorney General of Massachusetts earlier this month. Rocket Companies has informed loan originators that it will be “winding down” Rocket Pro Originate, the conglomerate’s origination partnership program geared towards real estate agents, insurance agents and […]

Churches continue to be in demand despite waning attendance

John Muzyka describes the Dallas and Fort Worth area as the epicenter of America’s Bible Belt. “I guess you could say that we are the ‘belt buckle,’” Muzyka said of the religious stronghold, where his commercial real estate business specializes in helping clients buy and sell churches and church properties. Muzyka works out of the […]

The office sector’s trials will continue in 2024

Despite the Federal Reserve’s efforts to quell inflation by raising interest rates an incremental 100-basis points in 2023 (after increasing by 425-basis points in 2022), the economy has performed surprisingly well, avoiding the recession many forecasters had predicted. In light of the inflation rate moving closer to the Fed’s 2% target, the Federal Open Market […]

Accessory dwelling units offer an opportunity for enterprising originators

Housing affordability continues to be a struggle throughout the country, and despite recent increases in new construction, there’s still a shortage of houses on the market. In the most expensive markets, people are struggling to afford rent, let alone a mortgage. In the last five years, policymakers have turned to a niche market to help […]