The industrial-sector forecast calls for stabilized growth

The moderating “slowcession” economy has recently helped to cool performance within the once red-hot industrial real estate sector. Rent growth, while still a bit above the long-term quarterly average, is now well below its pandemic-era peaks across warehouses and distribution facilities as well as flex spaces for research and development (R&D). Furthermore, net absorption for […]

A Promising View

Ongoing challenges aren’t deterring fix-and-flip investor activities

International Investments: Singapore

With about 6 million citizens, the east Asian city-state of Singapore doesn’t even crack the top 50 among the world’s largest cities. But it happens to be the third most-densely populated nation in the world at 47,000 people per square mile. And even though Singapore has been an independent country for less than 60 years, […]

Lessons Must Be Learned

After the recent bank failures, mortgage lenders should seek new risk management strategies