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Residential Edition     |   June

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Lead Article:
The Thrill of Renovation Loans

Also in this issue:
Q&A: Urban Institute | BackSpace
Spotlight: North Dakota  | DataDecoded 

Commercial Edition     |   June

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Lead Article:
Is Your Lending Weatherproof?

Also in this issue:
Property TypeCast | News Roundup
Q&A: U.S. Small Business Administration   


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  Spotlight: North Dakota


Dan Black, Commercial Property Solutions LLC (CPS)
A Powerful Tax Tool
Cost-segregation analysis can create savings for originators and clients


M. Lance Coyle, Appraisal Institute
Look Into a High-Volatility Future
New regulatory capital rule highlights ‘upon completion’ appraisal values


Regina M. Lowrie, RML Advisors
Vendor Management Under the Microscope
Regulatory agencies are increasing their focus on third-party relationships


Rachael Sokolowski, Magnolia Technologies
Wherefore Art Thou, E-Mortgage?
The electronic home loan has proved as elusive as the paperless office


Spotlight: North Dakota

Oil and gas production helped North Dakota stave off the effects of the Great Recession. The state's per capita income ranking rose from 40th place in 2007 to second place in 2014. The Peace Garden State also posted a 9.7 percent year-over-year gain in gross domestic product in 2013, the largest in the nation. Unfortunately, recent declining oil prices may impact the state's booming prosperity.

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