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Residential Edition     |   July

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Lead Article:
The Refinance Market Isn't Dead Yet 

Also in this issue:
DataDecoded | Spotlight: New Jersey |
Featured Top Originator | More

Commercial Edition     |   July

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Lead Article:
Who's Lending in the Distressed Space?  More...

Also in this issue:
Property TypeCast | Spotlight: New Jersey |
Q&A: Boxwood Means Inc | More 


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  Spotlight: New Jersey


Kevin Cloyd, Carrington Home Solutions LP
Embrace the Right Tool for the Job
Rehabilitation loans can help homebuyers and investors turn around distressed properties


Brian Weide, SunStar Mortgage Services
Focus on Ethics and Best Practices
Originators should hold themselves to a high standard


Kelley McLaren, Trigild
Bankruptcy and Receivership Basics
Two common workout remedies offer aid in distressed-property recovery


Odell Murry, California Mortgage Association
Foretelling A Future Without Fannie And Freddie
Despite their recent profitability, the government-sponsored enterprises may soon depart


Spotlight: New Jersey

The Garden State is struggling to emerge from economic woes that have kept its unemployment rate higher than the national average and left the state with a large budgetary deficit, but there are rays of light amidst the dark clouds.

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