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Residential Edition     |   November

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Lead Article:
Part One: How to Combine Your Disclosures

Also in this issue:
Q&A: USFN | Spotlight: Louisiana |
DataDecoded | More 

Commercial Edition     |   November

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Lead Article:
Guide Foreign Investors Through the EB-5 Maze                                      

Also in this issue:
Property TypeCast | Spotlight: Louisiana |
Q&A: CREW | More 


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  Spotlight: Louisiana


Burton Embry, Primary Residential Mortgage Inc. (PRMI)
Hitting the Books for Your Big Test
A robust compliance-monitoring program can help your company ace any regulatory exam


Richard Triplett, AllRegs
Keeping a Careful Watch
Overseeing compliance of third-party service providers is everybody’s business


Michael Stone, The Stone Group
Keep Your Residential Peers Afloat
Commercial professionals can help home-mortgage businesses fix holes related to office space


Christopher Perez, Drexel Brothers
Technology Points the Way
Online appraisals, centralized data repositories and mobile devices make business faster and more efficient


Spotlight: Louisiana

Louisiana's economy is poised to benefit from strong oil exploration throughout the rest of 2014 and 2015, with large oil companies like Shell Oil sealing up leases in downtown New Orleans office buildings. The state's housing market has been on the upswing, as well, although that growth seems to be tempering somewhat.

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