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Residential Edition     |   April

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Lead Article:
Are We Finally Ready for E-Signatures? 

Also in this issue:
Q&A: Green & Healthy Homes Initiative |
Spotlight: Massachusetts  | DataDecoded | More 

Commercial Edition     |   April

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Lead Article:
Climb Up to Energy Efficiency

Also in this issue:
Property TypeCast | News Roundup |
Q&A: Fannie Mae | More 


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  Spotlight: Massachusetts


Leif A. Boyd, American Pacific Mortgage Corp.
The Balance Between Pricing and Service
Having low rates isn’t enough if your service leaves clients unsatisfied


Odell Murry, California Mortgage Association
Green Practices Gain Ground
Commercial lenders and originators can’t afford to ignore sustainable building


Alain Valles, Direct Finance Corp.
Get Ahead With the New Reverse Mortgage Rules
Financial assessment requirements change perceptions of Home Equity Conversion Mortgages


Ann Hambly, 1st Service Solutions
Tough Options to Save Your Loans
Some commercial mortgage-backed securities borrowers face unpleasant decisions


Spotlight: Massachusetts

From Ivy League universities and financial services to tech startups, manufacturing and fishing, the Bay State's diverse economy has brought Massachusetts through the down economy and out the other side. Employment has rebounded across the state and housing prices are soaring in Boston and Cambridge, providing a sunny outlook for the future.

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Residential and Commercial Industry Events

April 30-May 1
American Conference Institute National Forum on Residential Mortgage Litigation and Regulatory Enforcement
Washington, D.C.

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