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Residential Edition: July

Illustration by Dennis Wunsch

Do You See Points of Distress?

Despite a nationwide decline in troubled assets, there is still business to be done

Commercial Edition: July

Illustration by Dennis Wunsch

Jump-Start Troubled Properties

Bridge loans rejuvenate deals and preserve equity

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Clinton vs. Trump: Different visions for housing finance

Republicans and Democrats have approved party platforms with fundamentally different views on the role of government in housing and housing finance. As the presidential e... >>


CFPB turns five years old

The federal government’s consumer watchdog, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), turned five years old this past week. >>


Residential Loan Post

Other/Niche 7/23/2016
Refinance 3 multi families / purchase under 1 LLC
Property Type: 3-4 Units
Purpose: Loan Amt: 800,000
Occupancy: Non-Owner Occupied LTV: 75

Commercial Loan Post

Multifamily/NJ 7/23/2016
Muti family refi /purchase under 1 LLC
Property Type: Multifamily
Purpose: Refi: Rate & Term Loan Amt:800,000
Doc Type: LTV: 75


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