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Residential Edition     |   March

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Deal out Your Loans

Also in this issue:  
Q&A: NREIA | Spotlight: Alaska |
DataDecoded | More 

Commercial Edition     |   March

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Sail Safely Across Receivership

Also in this issue:
Property TypeCast | Spotlight: Alaska |
Q&A: CFA | More 


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  Spotlight: Alaska


Noah Grayson, South End Capital Corp.
Win the Race Against Time
Wasting time on unproductive people and practices puts you behind the competition


Alain Forget, RBC Bank
Seize the Season
Boost your business by understanding Canadian vacation-home buying trends


Yanni Raz, HML Investments
Unearthing Hidden Hard-Money Gems
Expand your client list by looking beyond commercial real estate investors


Andrew Pollock, WDB Funding
The Next Generation of Hard-Money Lending
Alternative equity financing is set to go mainstream in today’s investment market


Spotlight: Alaska

Declining oil prices are having a negative impact on the economy of the Land of the Midnight Sun while a major housing shortage in many areas have sent rent prices skyrocketing. Alaska's housing market, however is slowly rebuilding with both prices and units sold trending upward over the past year.

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