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Residential Edition: February

Illustration by Dennis Wunsch

Dispelling Lending Myths

Educating borrowers can expand homeownership opportunities

Commercial Edition: February

Illustration by Dennis Wunsch

Financing Courage

Hard money lenders go where conventional players fear to tread

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Fannie's Blackstone deal draws fire and praise

Fannie Mae’s recent decision to loan the giant private equity company Blackstone $1 billion to support its portfolio of single-family rental homes is ... >>


Home prices raise alarm bells

The median price for a home in San Jose, California, is now over $1 million dollars and a handful of other high-cost cities are not far behind.... >>


Residential Loan Post

Hard Money/PA 2/24/2017
SFR NOO/OO Bridge Loan Needed for 12 Mo
Property Type: Single Family Detached
Purpose: Rate & Term Refi Loan Amt: 159,000
Occupancy: Non-Owner Occupied LTV: 70

Commercial Loan Post

Other/Niche 2/25/2017
Business credit and financing (no upfront fees)
Property Type:
Purpose: Loan Amt:0
Doc Type: LTV:


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