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Residential Edition: September


Stay Informed and Ignore the Buzz on Rates

Originators should follow these sources to see where the market is going

Commercial Edition: September


What Type of Marketer Are You?

There are many ways to promote your business, but each of them invite a sales opportunity

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Study: Millennials face three housing roadblocks

Researchers at the Urban Institute say there are three root causes behind what’s been ailing the sluggish housing market: tight credit, eroding afford... >>


Blog: Prices lock millennials out of homes

Freddie Mac recently presented a theory as to why the homeownership rates for younger Americans aren’t what they once were... >>


Residential Loan Post

Other/Niche 9/24/2018
SFR short term no PPP
Property Type: Single Family Detached
Purpose: Rate & Term Refi Loan Amt: 380,000
Occupancy: Non-Owner Occupied LTV: 60

Commercial Loan Post

Commercial/MI 9/24/2018
building purchase
Property Type: Industrial
Purpose: Loan Amt:50,000
Doc Type: Full Doc LTV: 80


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