Algeria, an African nation that gained its independence in 1962 following a protracted battle with France, is now the 33rd-most populous country in the world, with nearly 41 million citizens as of July 2017. The vast majority of Algerians are Berbers, with Arabic and Berber serving as the country’s two official languages, according to the […]

Cities chosen for Amazon’s HQ expansion have living space to spare

With the announcement that it has chosen two locations for its new headquarters operations — Queens in New York City and Crystal City in suburban Virginia — Amazon has ended the suspense of a long search process. Although the selection of the two East Coast cities may have surprised many, the criteria laid out in […]

Shane Siniard, SWBC Mortgage Co.

Georgia mortgage originator Shane Siniard once worked as an electrical engineer for a string of Fortune 500 companies, but discovered his true calling only after a real estate deal went bad. In the early 2000s, Siniard dabbled in rental-property investments. After a few years in that business, he was looking to sell all of them. […]

The mortgage market should get a boost from the economy and millennials

The U.S economy and labor market continue to show strength heading into 2019, which bodes well for the housing market. Unemployment is at its lowest level since 1969, wages are finally showing meaningful gains above inflation and employment growth is averaging over 200,000 job additions per month. Furthermore, recent survey data show most consumers are […]