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Dianne Crosby, Guaranteed Rate

No. 5 Top Women Originators, No. 48 Top Dollar Volume (2021)

By Arnie Aurellano

Guaranteed Rate’s Dianne Crosby is an avid skier — a fitting hobby for someone who regularly finds herself near the summit of her career field. Last year, Crosby originated 565 loans for $384.9 million in volume, fifth among Scotsman Guide’s Top Women Originators and 48th in Top Dollar Volume. It’s a feat that Crosby cherishes because she understands the leap of faith that every client takes with her can be a truly emotional one.

“In the world of lending, when a client calls me and is ready to put their trust in me to spend more money than they will ever spend on anything else, to involve me with their most personal financial details — which often leads to emotional details — that’s an honor that a client will trust me with that,” Crosby said. 

“And I want to take that moment and say, ‘thank you,’ and recognize what is being offered to me by someone, what an opportunity that is. And then, yeah, we are taking a leap together. And it’s going to go fast and at times it’s going to feel a little out of control. Here in the Bay Area, that’s just the way our market is, so with every new client, it’s a privilege to be part of that, and I always do my best to treat that with the utmost care and respect. Each client has different fears, different hopes, and I want to hear those and pay attention upfront.”

That’s why Crosby always makes it a point to schedule a call with a new client ahead of time, she explained. If a prospect reaches out to her to start a conversation about a mortgage, she tells them that she’s “honored and grateful,” then sets aside 30 to 45 minutes at a later time for an in-depth conversation in which she can give the client her full, undivided attention.

Each client has different fears, different hopes, and I want to hear those and pay attention upfront.

During the follow-up call, Crosby said, she not only explains the mortgage process and answers client questions but also introduces her team: who they are, what their roles are and how they’ll help make the client’s dream of buying a home come true. It’s an important step that, according to Crosby, truly humanizes the process and lets the borrower know they have the full support of a team of real, hardworking people who know how to steer a loan from application to closing quickly and efficiently.

It’s important to Crosby that she treats both her borrowers and her staff with the same attentiveness, she said, because they’re all in it together. It’s an attitude she has had to learn as her career has gone on but also is something that has served her well outside the professional realm.

“When I was younger, I think I was always in a little bit of a hurry,” she said. “And one thing that I observed about myself in this profession, maybe seven to 10 years ago, [is that] I rushed my staff. I rushed my clients. I was always pushing.

“And aside from the fact that it’s not just very fun for anyone — especially the people that work for me — it’s just not effective. And I’d rather be a caring, compassionate consultant. This has been a growth step for me. I think it’s not just serving me well in business, but it’s serving me well as a human being and as part of our community.”

Crosby has made a point of sharing the things she has learned over the years as the chair of the Guaranteed Rate Organization of Women, helping empower female colleagues through educational programs, mentorship, special events and forums. It’s a big source of satisfaction, she said, to be able to give back to the industry and galvanize fellow women originators at the same time.

And when she needs a little getaway from the grind? There are always the slopes, where Crosby said she feels a certain sense of peace.

“When I get to the top of a mountain, before I start careening down the slope, I look around and I feel a tremendous gratitude to be enjoying that view,” she said. “And now, to be healthy in a world that has really gone crazy. It’s good to be able to take a moment and reflect before you really get going. Really pay attention upfront — it’s always a great reminder.” ●


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