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American Financial Network

Brea, California
Company Type: Lender
Employees: 1,471

As a family-owned mortgage lender, American Financial Network (AFN) takes pride in fostering an environment that celebrates diversity, values individual growth, and supports each team member in achieving their professional and personal aspirations. Loan officers at AFN enjoy a flexible compensation structure and benefits package, in-house professional development and coaching, mentorship and employee wellness programs — including a new partnership with mental wellness platform Nivati. AFN prioritizes efficiency and innovation, with a digital-first approach to the mortgage process.

Aslan Home Lending Corp.

Company Type: Brokerage
Employees: 39

Aslan Home Lending, which opened in 2019, dedicates every resource to serve the needs of its customers. The brokerage is 100% founded and owned by women. Its loan officers take pride in offering a best-in-class experience. The company’s guiding principles include discipline, courage, resiliency, honesty and community. Sales professionals are supported through ongoing “Back to Basics” classes and five-week courses are offered to aspiring leaders. A daily email is sent to share sales figures, celebrate small victories and promote friendly competition.

Atlantic Coast Mortgage LLC

Fairfax, Virginia
Company Type: Lender
Employees: 280

The ethos at Atlantic Coast Mortgage (ACM) is “One Team, One Mission,” which fuels a spirited atmosphere of collaboration and continuous learning. Attracting and retaining talent is crucial to company success. ACM’s range of benefits include an employee assistance program with legal, financial and counseling services, as well as paid maternity and paternity leave. ACM’s commitment to diversity is highlighted through its status as an Accredited Social Impact Lender by the National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America.

Canopy Mortgage LLC

Lindon, Utah
Company: Lender/Technology
Employees: 437

Being kind, understanding, efficient and innovative. Finding ways to serve. Doing more with less. These are values espoused by fintech lender Canopy Mortgage. The company, started eight years ago, has developed proprietary loan origination software, which it says is proving key to growth during the current downturn. Canopy holds multiple employee events each year, from Mario Kart and pickleball tournaments to celebrations for reaching company milestones. Each week, the company highlights employees who have demonstrated its values. A large percentage of managers come from within.

Castle & Cooke Mortgage

Draper, Utah
Company Type: Lender
Employees: 175

Castle & Cooke’s culture centers on relationships, creating a fun and inclusive environment by fostering honest, communicative and motivational connections between employees. Loan officers have comprehensive benefits and are encouraged to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Employees are set up for success with free professional development resources, clear pathways for advancement and a tech stack that can be tailored to individual needs. The company rounds out its offerings with a community service initiative and extensive employee recognition efforts.

Coast2Coast Mortgage

Company Type: Brokerage
Employees: 103

Coast2Coast strives to maintain its position as one of the most trusted, reliable and transparent mortgage companies in the nation. The company is committed to providing financial solutions to people from all walks of life, in every situation. Employee unity and collaboration are encouraged, and there’s always support to figure out tricky scenarios. The company invests deeply in newly licensed loan officers and develops knowledge for all employees. Coast2Coast recently secured its correspondent lending license, opening more avenues for growth and service.

Direct Mortgage Loans

Hunt Valley, Maryland
Company Type: Lender
Employees: 172

The people at Direct Mortgage Loans believe in the power of communication and connection. Leadership strives to create a culture of collaboration and support through master classes, internal recognition meetings and sales roundtables. Ambitious originators who aspire to become branch managers can take advantage of a comprehensive six-month training program. All branch managers receive structured coaching to stay accountable toward goals. The company supports local organizations such as the Baltimore Hunger Project and the Ruth M. Kirk Recreation and Learning Center.

Edge Home Finance

Minnetonka, Minnesota
Company Type: Brokerage
Employees: 1,100

Edge Home Finance empowers growth for originators converting from the retail to wholesale channel. The goal is for this to be the last NMLS change in their careers. In business for 12 years, the company has a large number of originators who have served in the military, making it a top producer of U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs loans. Edge has teams that support almost every language spoken and features a President’s Club trip for anyone who closes more than 60 loans per year.

Emporium TPO

Frisco, Texas
Company Type: Lender
Employees: 59

Emporium TPO is a third-party originator and lender that specializes in nonqualified and debt-service-coverage ratio mortgages. The company was born two years ago out of a conversation between two old friends and industry veterans, Steve Nadon and Dan Goodwin. Its aspirations are simple: Build a team of talented individuals with shared values who think and behave like owners. With 90% of employees working remotely, the “Emporium Engagement” email address allows the team to share testimonials and achievements on a regular basis.

Equity Smart Home Loans

South Pasadena, California
Company Type: Brokerage
Employees: 300

Equity Smart Home Loans spent the past 20 years forging advantageous lender relationships — and it’s paying off. With nearly 200 lenders to work with, Equity Smart brokers always have the best products available for their clients. Loan officers enjoy industry-leading closing times as low as 15 days or less, fast and easy commission payments, an advanced tech stack, remote work, in-house processing and round-the-clock support. A diverse and inclusive workplace, Equity Smart regularly recognizes the achievements of employees through events and a rewards program.

Fidelity Mortgage Lenders

Los Angeles
Company Type: Lender
Employees: 12

Small but mighty, Fidelity Mortgage is a pioneer in the private lending space, working with commercial and residential properties since 1971. Fidelity offers excellent benefits, including a 4% match on 401(k) contributions; fully funded health, dental and vision insurance; and profit-sharing benefits for each employee. Its in-house escrow and cloud-based loan servicing technology keep closings quick and easy. Due to its focus on family culture and promotion from within, Fidelity has low turnover, with many employees staying 20 years or more.

Guaranteed Rate

Company Type: Lender
Employees: 5,500

Since its launch in 2000, Guaranteed Rate has helped more than 1 million homeowners with purchase loans and refinances. It aims to revolutionize the mortgage process with a digital experience so advanced that loans can be closed consistently within three days. It recently launched the Rate App, which includes financial tools and wellness resources for consumers. Another new innovation, PowerVP, is a mobile platform that enables originators to run their book of business from their phones.

Guild Mortgage

San Diego
Company Type: Lender
Employees: 4,406

Guild Mortgage is a leading nationwide lender with 63 years of history in developing innovative pilot programs and partnering with government organizations to deliver homeownership opportunities in more communities. The company culture is centered on the belief that if employees are cared for, customers will be cared for and remain clients for life. Guild recently launched a DEI committee and was recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense for its support of employees who serve in the South Carolina National Guard.

Highlands Residential Mortgage

Allen, Texas
Company Type: Lender
Employees: 467

The motto of Highlands Residential Mortgage — “Your Family,
Your Future, Our Focus” — is about providing a rave-worthy experience that clients share with friends and family. Highlands invests in the newest technology, including cybersecurity measures, to position itself for competition and growth.
Career growth and development is fostered through a range of coaching and cross-training efforts, achievement awards and the encouragement of work-life balance. The company’s charitable efforts include work with Genesis Hope South Africa.

Anaheim, California
Company Type: Technology
Employees: 32

Taco Tuesdays. Team dinners at steakhouses. Outings to sporting events. recognizes employees for their hard work every week in companywide meetings. Those with the most five-star customer ratings for the week receive a gift card. The mission at LenderHomePage is to empower lenders, brokers and other financial institutions to better serve clients. Services and products are designed to help mortgage professionals enhance their online presence, generate leads and streamline business processes. The company recently launched LHP 3.0, an AI-driven custom website builder.


Company Type: Lender
Employees: 100

LoanPeople is an approved seller and servicer for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans, and it offers a vast catalog of nonconforming and nonqualified mortgage products. Its values include kindness, innovation and a solutions-oriented attitude. Most employees can work remotely, but a number of in-person events (picnics, mini golf and roller skating) reinforce a vibrant company culture. The employee-driven “Peeps Awards” program allows for recognition of those who put the company values into action.

LoanStream Mortgage

Irvine, California
Company Type: Lender
Employees: 550

LoanStream aims to provide the best combination of wholesale loan products and rates in the industry. Along with excellent service, innovative tech that streamlines underwriting and fast turn times, LoanStream offers loan programs that give brokers a competitive edge with their customers. The company invests in ongoing training and education for employees, offers performance-based incentives and establishes clear career paths in house. Regular employee appreciation events and activities keep the team feeling valued.

Madison Mortgage Services

Lake Success, New York
Company Type: Brokerage
Employees: 70

Madison Mortgage Services is an innovative and growing brokerage that operates in 32 states. Strategic partnerships with a diverse network of lenders ensure that clients have access to a wide range of mortgage products and competitive rates. Cutting-edge technology streamlines the application process, providing efficiency and transparency at every step. The company’s unwavering commitment to compliance and ethical practices gives clients peace of mind. Commitment to inclusivity and recognition means that all voices are valued within the company.

Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Bankers Corp.

Westbury, New York
Company Type: Brokerage/Lender
Employees: 250

Meadowbrook’s home base is Westbury, New York, but its reach extends far beyond to provide mortgages to clients across the U.S. Meadowbrook was founded with a singular mission: to make homeownership accessible and stress-free for everyone. The company has its own “Meadowbrook University” to educate new hires in the human side of lending. Meadowbrook University trains and prepares new hires who are interested in becoming a licensed mortgage originator. The company holds annual picnics, holiday parties and summer retreats to the Bahamas.

Mor Investments LLC

Company Type: Brokerage
Employees: 25

Headquartered in Tampa, Mor Investments is licensed in Florida, Georgia and Texas. Founded two years ago by people from underrepresented backgrounds, the company’s vision is to champion the dreams of the Latin community and other minorities, ensuring they achieve homeownership. Mor Investments offers weekly training for its employees with experts in sales, mortgage, real estate and personal growth. Employees also have a system where they set their own expectations and goals, and together alongside management, the company’s year-end goals are set.

Motto Franchising LLC

Company Type: Network
Employees: 61

Created to disrupt the mortgage industry, Motto Mortgage aims to connect originators and real estate agents to provide seamless, one-stop shopping for consumers. Internally, the company promotes the M.O.R.E. values ― deliver to the max, be customer obsessed, always do the right thing, and together, everybody wins. After the post-pandemic increase in remote work, parent company Re/Max Holdings began bringing Motto employees to its Denver headquarters each summer to boost collaboration and enjoy a little fun. Celebrating each other’s successes is something the company prioritizes.

Nations Direct Mortgage

Santa Ana, California
Company Type: Lender
Employees: 160

The culture at Nations Direct Mortgage revolves around service, quality and integrity, whether helping a client or a fellow associate. The wholesale and nondelegated correspondent mortgage lender strives to foster a competitive and rewarding environment. Nations Direct believes in direct contact with key leadership while balancing business with a family-like approach. It prides itself on employing highly skilled mortgage experts who are dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences for originator partners and clients alike. The company strives to manifest lasting prosperity for borrowers and communities.

Next Door Lending

Bingham Farms, Michigan
Company Type: Brokerage/Lender
Employees: 150

In less than five years of business, Next Door Lending has grown to become a broker and nondelegated lender with 10 branches that’s licensed in 25 states. Its internal mission is to provide unwavering support and essential resources for team members to forge meaningful connections with business partners and clients. The company hired a chief technology officer and chief product officer early in its existence, and within the past year, it added a director of DEI to establish diversity as a core value.

PGS Home Loans Inc.

Carlsbad, California
Company Type: Brokerage
Employees: 15

PGS Home Loans is a boutique mortgage brokerage with five years of experience. It is a self-described “bootstrap, blue-collar” company that takes a humble approach in its efforts to better clients’ lives. PGS is currently changing its loan origination system and updating its company website to prepare for growth and bring more originators on board. Ongoing employee recognition efforts include a companywide announcement for every locked loan and closed loan, as well as a year-end ceremony for top-producing originators.


Astoria, New York
Company Type: Bank
Employees: 220

Quontic is a digital bank that stays true to its roots in community banking while disrupting traditional banking through its unique product offerings and mortgage programs. It offers inclusive loan products for a diverse range of borrowers, including downpayment assistance programs and alternative documentation loans. Quontic has innovation built in and is the first U.S. bank to offer wearable payment technology. Its employees are well paid, two-thirds female, 60% diverse and speak 24 languages, and they’re recognized regularly by management and by each other.

Reliant Home Funding

Melville, New York
Company Type: Lender
Employees: 63

A transition from broker to banker in 2020 breathed new life into Reliant Home Funding. With the heart of a startup and the know-how of an established business, the lender is expanding. It’s now licensed in 24 states and is growing its base of loan officers. Company culture is illustrated through five key priorities: teamwork; relationships; accountability; service and knowledge; and growth and adaptation. Employees commit to continuous learning and teaching, which foster career growth and encourage excellent client service.

Reliant Mortgage LLC

New Orleans
Company Type: Brokerage/Lender
Employees: 43

After perfecting its operations, systems and leadership, Reliant Mortgage is now pushing for true growth. Starting as a one-person broker shop 10 years ago, Reliant is close to 50 team members with plans to hit 100 in the next year. Employees give shoutouts for great work and birthdays on the internal chatboard. Perks include gift cards and random half days off. Championship belts are awarded quarterly to high producers. Annual awards are given to the top rookie, loan officer, operations member and Reliant team member.

SecurityNational Mortgage Co.

Salt Lake City
Company Type: Lender
Employees: 931

SecurityNational Mortgage Co. (SNMC) has a clear, three-pronged mission: provide world-class service to clients; provide top-tier support, compensation and benefits to employees; and be deeply involved in the communities it serves. Employee benefits are extensive, and ancillary benefits include things like identity theft protection, financial advice and contributions toward gym membership fees. Regular training and a mentorship series are key career growth initiatives for the company’s diverse workforce, and a strong parent company keeps SNMC secure in a stressful financial world.

SWBC Mortgage

San Antonio
Company Type: Lender
Employees: 580

SWBC has been doing business since 1988 and now has a footprint in 40 states. It aims to nurture a vibrant workplace culture that prioritizes teamwork, integrity, open communication and mutual respect. It offers a downpayment assistance program for first-time homebuyers and continually invests in technology to enable faster loan approvals and decisionmaking. In its effort to create a more inclusive workplace, SWBC offers many resources to employees, including educational videos and live virtual classes on subjects like understanding unconscious bias.

TowneBank Mortgage

Norfolk, Virginia
Company Type: Lender/Bank
Employees: 540

Founded in 2000, TowneBank Mortgage has provided home loans to thousands of families up and down the East Coast through its 43 branches. The company is dedicated to providing the personal experience expected from a hometown lender while incorporating advanced technology to make the lending process faster and more affordable. One-third of TowneBank employees have been with the company for at least 10 years. The company recently raised $625,000 to provide charitable grants and donations to more than 200 nonprofit groups.

Trez Capital

Addison, Texas
Company Type: Lender
Employees: 180

Trez Capital is a preeminent provider of commercial real estate debt and equity financing solutions across North America, funding more than $17 billion in deals since opening in 1997. The culture across its seven locations is shaped by the values of trust, respect, excellence and zest. Thirty-six percent of employees identify as minorities and 30% of the leadership team are women. The company financially supports team members who want to relocate, and it provides educational resources, tuition assistance and renewal fees for professional designations.


Company Type: Brokerage
Employees: 551

UMortgage is on a mission to change the mortgage industry for the better. Its brokers have access to an intuitive tech stack that lets them originate loans from anywhere. The company offers fully customized marketing support, one-on-one coaching from industry experts and top producers, and a dedicated operations team that helps to close loans in as little as 12 days. Recent innovations include the value-added Agent Connect program, which allows originators to offer their real estate agent partners preapproved and credit-qualified homebuyers.

USA Mortgage

St. Louis
Company Type: Lender
Employees: 842

Fewer than one in 200 companies in the U.S. are employee owned. USA Mortgage is one of them. With a real stake in success, each one of the employee owners has a voice and every idea is heard. Employee ownership energizes and empowers the team of entrepreneurs, who are driven to improve the mortgage process and provide borrowers with the best possible experience. The ownership structure contributes to company culture. The company focuses on its tech stack while a DEI committee spearheads various tasks and events.

WarCap Home Loans

Stamford, Connecticut
Company Type: Brokerage/Lender
Employees: 35

WarCap Home Loans is a hybrid mortgage lender and brokerage. Starting as a broker shop in 2004, the company transitioned to being a direct lender in 2015 and, in the process, found that being a direct lender had both advantages and limitations. The company kept both channels open, providing originators with the flexibility of working with a boutique direct lender that’s able to offer broker-only products. WarCap aims to motivate its employees and allow them to grow in whatever direction their interests point.

Waterstone Mortgage Corp.

Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Company Type: Lender
Employees: 550

Waterstone Mortgage is made up of good people. The company has high personal and professional standards of excellence, with a focus on making each employee’s individual expertise and insights feel valued. There’s a sense of stability and solidarity that guides Waterstone through an ever-changing industry. Employees also enjoy flexible hybrid schedules, unique training opportunities, fun events, innovative technology and regular recognition. Originators have access to a wide variety of specialty loan programs, including low- and no-downpayment options.


Boca Raton, Florida
Company Type: Service
Employees: 44

As a broker-centric loan processing company, Wemlo aims to merge human connection and cutting-edge technology to simplify the mortgage process. Since its inception in 2019, Wemlo has been the choice for nearly 500 mortgage brokerages across the country and has processed more than 7,000 loans. Acquired by Re/Max Holdings in 2020, Wemlo supports its employees through continued education and customized professional development. Because of this, a majority of its leadership team was promoted from within. The company holds a monthly “Wemlo All-Star” celebration for high-achieving employees.

Wintrust Mortgage

Rosemont, Illinois
Company Type: Lender
Employees: 688

At Wintrust, you’ll never feel like a number. A people-centric, team-oriented approach creates a welcoming work environment that celebrates differences and strives for employees to be heard, feel accepted and excel to their full potential. Compensation and benefits are competitive, with a robust selection of voluntary benefits and a number of no-cost benefits, including enhanced parental leave. The latest tools, tech and training are available, reducing loan cycle times while growing career paths. Employees have each other’s backs, and both individual and collective successes are recognized.