Jimmy Alexander, SWBC Mortgage Co.

Jimmy Alexander, assistant branch manager and senior loan officer with the Killeen, Texas, branch of SWBC Mortgage Co., can’t think of anyone else. Alexander served in the U.S. Army as communication and networking-systems support from 1986 to 1993, including a stint overseas during Operation Desert Storm. With Killeen’s community strongly intertwined with nearby Fort Hood […]

Home equity growth boosts the need for renovation financing

Home-improvement spending has increased steadily over the last nine years. By the fourth quarter of 2018, spending had reached a new inflation-adjusted high. And the two main drivers of home-remodeling and repair expenditures are existing-home sales and home equity growth. Existing-home sales have been an important driver of home-improvement spending as new homeowners often remodel […]

The Power of Sharing

Mortgage originators should tap the operations team to build social media influence