A Rising Star

Investments in adaptive reuse bring new life to older or outdated buildings

International Investments: Bahrain

Neophytes to international real estate purchases might assume that, when it comes to the Middle East, tiny Bahrain’s investment volume pales in comparison to that of its larger neighbors. That, however, would be a grievous misconception. Bahrain — the first country in the Persian Gulf region to develop a high-income, post-oil economy by diversifying into […]

Is an office-sector flight to quality really happening?

While business leaders continue to evaluate their future office- space requirements, an emerging discussion regarding a “flight to quality” has gained attention within commercial real estate circles. Anecdotally, there are instances where companies have declined to renew space in an older Class B or C property, only to move to a new and shiny “trophy” […]

Seeking answers to the affordable-housing riddle

Shekar Narasimhan is a man on a mission against one of the nation’s seemingly intractable problems — affordable housing. A national expert on the issue, Narasimhan is the managing partner of Beekman Advisors in McLean, Virginia, which provides consulting services in various real estate fields, including affordable housing. Narasimhan defines the nation’s housing crisis in […]