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Create content to connect and build trust with your clients

By Erin Addesso

LinkedIn reports that 78% of salespeople who are engaged in social selling — finding and connecting with clients on social media — are outselling salespeople who are not. This is vital for mortgage originators to understand, not only because there’s still a lot of resistance to being consistently active on social media but because the foundation of social selling is content marketing.

Content is more than just an effective marketing strategy. It’s a way to build a relationship with your audience of prospects. Your content is what builds trust and connection so that your audience is willing to buy from you. But you need to know what kind of content your audience is looking for. What will keep these people engaged? And how do you come up with content that’s interesting, authentic and keeps them coming back for more?

The answer is that you create a variety of content that your audience cares about. Here are just a few ideas that can keep your content fresh and exciting for your audience.

Solve their problems

Educational content is structured to address what your audience needs to know on their homebuying journey. Your solution is the answer to your audience’s problem. So, your educational content should address all the frustrations and challenges that your audience faces when buying a home.

It’s important to remember here that while your primary solution is a house, you also can help them solve other problems on the way to buying a property. This includes information such as credit improvement, first-time buyer hacks, grant programs and more. Get creative here.

Creating a mix of written and visual content for these purposes will keep your audience engaged, and it will expand your reach compared to using one approach. When utilizing written content, keep in mind that marketing technology company SEMrush found that content of at least 3,000 words gets up to four times more traffic than content of average length (900 to 1,200 words), and it typically generates more shares and backlinks. So, don’t believe the myth that shorter content is necessarily better. That depends on the platform you’re using, your audience and the quality of content that you’re creating.

Make ‘em laugh

Entertaining content is meant to make your audience laugh, relax or give them a break from their reality. This is all about being intentional with how you want your audience to feel about you as a human — not just as a loan officer or broker.

In educational content, you position yourself as an adviser and leader so that you’re someone your audience respects. When it comes to entertaining content, however, you’re becoming the adviser they can have a drink or go to dinner with. This makes you approachable, real and relatable.

This kind of content can be about all kinds of things. Whether you post videos where you play pranks on your kids, you share the funny dad joke you heard, or you post about the funny thing you heard the kid in front of you at Target say, entertaining content is meant to connect you with your audience as a person.

This doesn’t have to be about buying or refinancing a home. These pieces of content are lighthearted and give your audience a place online to enjoy themselves. Mixing these in with your regular educational content will help to keep your subject matter interesting and build trust with your audience over time.

Uplift their spirits

When you think about some of your favorite brands and companies, what are some of the things they have in common? Chances are, they remind you that you’re not alone. Content that speaks to the human condition of your audience is powerful. You can help them achieve powerful mindset shifts and give them the comfort of realizing they’re not alone. This is how you build a community behind your brand.

Some ideas for creating insightful and uplifting content include social media posts, blogs or videos that speak to the biggest lessons you’ve learned. You might also share stories from previous clients who have overcome the problems your prospects are facing. These anecdotes may include new ways of thinking about the challenges your audience is currently struggling with.

This can be about homebuying or refinancing, or someone improving their credit score or getting the keys to their first home. But it can be virtually anything. When you uplift your audience and make them feel like they’re not alone in their pain, you establish a deeper level of trust and connection.

Draw the curtains

Behind-the-scenes content may be the easiest pieces to create because it requires zero polish. This content is where your audience gets to peek into your life, business and brand so they can get a better understanding of who you are, what goes into running your business and what snippets of your life actually look like.

You can create this content from pictures and videos of your family get-togethers, of the sourdough bread you just perfected, of the arts and crafts projects you’ve been working on, of the books you’re reading, of the product launches you’re planning, and more. This content builds rapport and likeability with your audience.

When figuring out which types of content you want to make and share with your audience, consider the types of problems they’re facing as homebuyers. What are the objections or the mental hang-ups that keep them from moving forward? What are the emotions they need to build with you before purchasing a home or refinancing?

Think about what they need to see from you, previous clients or other audience members before they’re willing to buy. What kind of connection is your audience seeking from the person who’s going to help them purchase a home? What is the favorite way for your audience to consume content and on which platforms?

The answers to these questions will dictate the types of content you create and when. Once you find the right blend for your audience, you can create consistent content that builds their connection to your business. ●


  • Erin Addesso

    Erin Addesso, CEO and founder of Triple Threat Success Coaching and Marketing, is a speaker, coach and consultant with the mortgage industry and their real estate partners. She helps companies develop powerful relationships and presence, resulting in more closings, referrals and profits while allowing more time to enjoy life.

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