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Reach new clients and build relationships with existing ones through video marketing

By Katrina Orlando

One mortgage originator in California regularly shares videos on social media, sometimes with a parakeet talking about how borrowers can save for that first home. Another video has her taking the viewer on a virtual tour of a mid-century home, while yet another video is an animation showing the states where she’s licensed to do business. Meanwhile, a different originator in Pennsylvania offers education and encouragement in videos, many inside his car (where he’s parked, naturally).

Both are finding success through a consistent and engaging approach that has earned them thousands of followers. What is it about videos that make them so compelling — and such a successful marketing tactic? Across all industries, the value of video content in sales and marketing continues to climb.

In fact, a recent LinkedIn article reinforced the idea that including video in marketing content is one of the most popular and effective ways to engage an audience. Eighty percent of people prefer video over written text, according to the article. Video is used for marketing by 87% of businesses today because it convinces 88% of consumers to purchase products and services.

The originator with the parakeet and the one with the parked car are just two of a growing number of mortgage industry professionals who are leveraging video. They use video not just as a means of showcasing products and services, but they also rely on it as a powerful tool for building relationships, educating audiences and establishing a trustworthy and relatable brand. They’re discovering that in the fast-paced world of mortgage lending, embracing video marketing is not just an option; it’s a necessity.

The even better news? It’s easier now than ever today to become an expert at developing compelling video content in little time and on a small budget. This guide offers some practical steps that will help mortgage professionals become video experts in very short order.

Simple steps

One of the first steps to getting started is to invest in a few items of very affordable video equipment. Mortgage professionals already have the most critical tool: a smartphone. That’s all that’s really needed to produce video these days. Investing in some affordable lighting and a microphone will ensure a more professional outcome.

A note regarding on-screen performance: It’s natural for newbies to feel shy about being on camera. Many have resolved this challenge by remembering this is not about them; the goal is to engage the audience. Worry less about being scripted and rehearsed and more about being authentic. Focus on speaking naturally and from the heart.

“It’s natural for newbies to feel shy about being on camera. Many have resolved this challenge by remembering this is not about them; the goal is to engage the audience.”

One way to shape content is to build around questions that borrowers or referral partners may have. A great way to start building a video content library is to create separate videos that answer common concerns. Start each video with a solid “hook” that provides a compelling response. For example, “Here are three predictions on how the local housing market will do in 2024.”

Tap free apps to turn raw footage into a well-produced video. A quick Google search will produce a wide variety of options for videos services, from free software to affordable paid services. No matter how your videos are produced, it’s important to include subtitles. This enhances video content accessibility for mortgage clients who are hard of hearing or are simply in an environment where the sound must be muted.

Be mindful of brand and compliance. In the regulated mortgage industry, compliance with marketing guidelines and brand consistency is paramount. Videos must include appropriate disclaimers and adhere to company branding, ensuring a professional and compliant online presence. 

Another important step is to create a content calendar. Using a calendar to organize content is essential for maintaining a consistent and strategic presence. This tool aids in planning, allows for bulk content creation and ensures a mix of content types to keep the audience engaged. Monthly planning sessions can streamline content production and scheduling, making efficient use of time and resources.

Tailored approach

Success in video marketing starts with a deep understanding of the target audience, which can include a variety of unique segments, including borrowers, referral partners, Realtors, title agents, internal staff and recruits. Each segment requires a tailored approach.

For borrowers, personalized video messages can guide borrowers through the complexities of the loan process, explaining critical documents, answering common questions, and offering reassurance post-closing. Automating these communications through customer relationship management platforms enhance efficiency and personalization.

For referral partners such as Realtors, and title agents, video content should focus on providing updates, celebrating milestones and sharing industry insights. Personal touches, such as birthday messages or event invitations, strengthen professional relationships.

“The term ‘edutainment’ has been coined to describe videos that offer helpful insight in entertaining ways that make them more memorable.”

Video is also valuable for your own internal staff. In an era where remote work is prevalent, video messages are invaluable for maintaining a connected and informed workforce. They’re ideal for sharing company updates, recognizing achievements and ensuring compliance with training and policies.

This is even valuable when recruiting people to work for your office. Video is a compelling medium for showcasing company culture and opportunities, appealing to potential new hires and supporting recruitment efforts.

Compelling content

The approach to content creation varies between email and social media platforms. Emails are effective at transaction-specific videos and allow mortgage professionals an opportunity to establish one-on-one relationships. For example, use the message to provide updates on steps in the loan process or share other explanations related to individual cases.

Social media, on the other hand, creates a stage for fostering broader engagement through video. Becoming an active participant in such digital communities as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok gives mortgage professionals an opportunity to reach a wider audience, collaborate with industry peers, and strengthen their network.

For best results, make sure the video content is both educational and entertaining. In fact, the term “edutainment” has been coined to describe videos that offer helpful insight in entertaining ways that make them more memorable. This is where a focus on frequently asked questions is a great start to developing short, impactful videos that position loan officers as industry experts while providing real value to viewers. Tagging relevant parties also enhances video content reach. 

This type of content has long-lasting value, also referred to as “evergreen,” because it provides information on timeless questions. Topics like understanding rates, addressing credit issues and exploring downpayment options are perennially relevant.

Social media platforms offer helpful analytics that gauge performance, providing insights into viewer preferences and engagement patterns. These analytics are invaluable for tweaking content and ensuring that future videos are even more compelling and effective.

● ● ●

Video marketing is a brilliant digital strategy that helps bridge the gap between mortgage experts and their diverse clientele. By creating video content that resonates with key audiences, mortgage professionals can harness its power to increase leads and build a stronger brand presence — all with the goal of standing out in a crowded market.


  • Katrina Orlando

    Katrina Orlando is vice president of sales engagement at Incenter Marketing, a full-service marketing firm that helps organizations build strong brands that are better able to transcend market fluctuations. With a career spanning over two decades in the mortgage industry, she is a fervent advocate for integrating digital technology to strengthen customer relationships. She specializes in utilizing video messaging, social media and AI-driven tools to elevate the customer experience in mortgage lending. Reach Orlando at (610) 215-7967.

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