The Asian nation of Pakistan, which encompasses an area about twice the size of California, is home to about 208 million people, making it the sixth-most populous country in the world, according to the CIA World Factbook. Although more than one-third of the nation’s people live in urban areas — including Karachi, Lahore and the […]

The industrial real estate sector shakes off the trade war

While the media provides regular updates on the status of the tariff wars with China, the industrial real estate sector continues to hum along, showing very little impact from any trade disputes. To be sure, occupancy growth in the warehouse/distribution sector decelerated in 2018 after robust growth in 2017, but growth was nevertheless positive every […]

Shant Banosian, Guaranteed Rate

Nearly 12 years ago, Shant Banosian found himself out of work, an early casualty of the mortgage meltdown. He was one of 3,000 laid off in a single day when the regional lender where he worked closed. He enjoyed the mortgage industry, but he was unsure what he would do next. Three months after he […]

Lenders maintain cautious optimism despite economic and market challenges

A plethora of headwinds were thrown at the U.S. economy at the beginning of 2019, from stock-market volatility and a slowing global economy to the government shutdown and ongoing concerns of a trade war with China. It’s safe to say that the year got off to a tumultuous start. Thankfully, conditions have started to improve. […]