Bubble Trouble

These economic phenomena wreak havoc but also offer opportunity for those who are prepared

East Coast ports are growing in strength and stature

In recent years, a major economic shift has been underway at U.S. ports. The longtime dominance of West Coast ports has started to slip as major market changes are moving the advantage to the East Coast. The Port of Los Angeles remains No. 1 in the number of 20-foot cargo containers, or TEUs, that are […]

International Investments: Israel

After years of icy geopolitical relations, there appears to be a thaw underway between the U.S. government and Israel. American officials are even offering to help broker formal diplomatic relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Whether there is potential for a breakthrough on such a controversial and difficult issue is unclear. What is clear, however, […]

The long-awaited boom for senior housing has arrived

Senior housing facilities primarily exist to provide shelter for a portion of the elderly population. This sector of commercial real estate is commonly divided into four types: assisted living, independent living, memory care and skilled nursing facilities. The COVID-19 pandemic hit this sector disproportionately hard due to the initial lack of preventive health measures, the […]

Finely Balanced

It can often be a difficult decision whether to wait or move forward with a project